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How to develop logical thinking in children

How to develop logical thinking in children

Sometimes, young children talk and behave quite reasonable.

And here is how it is inherent in the logic of thoughts and actions? Do I need to do to develop logical thinking in children of preschool age?

For what it is useful and how it should be done?



Naturally, it is useful, in fact necessary tochild at the time of admission to the first grade able to at least slow to read and understand what they read. Without familiarity with numbers and the ability to add, subtract within ten school desk for the same it will be difficult. But any lack of information is much easier to fill a child, taught to think logically, and the baggage of knowledge of the future student in the family and kindergarten, very soon begin to miss the successful overcoming of the school curriculum. For this reason, along with familiarity with the surrounding world, the basics of reading and mathematics needs to develop a logical thinking in children.


The first steps in this area should be completelyinvisible for the child and have the character of a conversation or play. Speaking mainly have certainly grown. "An apple you ate himself, and watermelon will be enough for all, he's a lot more apple", "Why is the grass is wet? The rain was! That's right, "" In the yard of someone barking, there probably is who? True, a dog ", and if the child will complement this conclusion his opinion that a dog barking at a cat or a dog walking man - hence, he got involved in your game logic and accepted rules.


When a child does have pretty confidentconclusions have to offer him to address both situations in life: "You have a store, and the rain was drizzling down on the street, what shall we do?" Listen to the options, perhaps even preposterous, to praise for those which sounds logical reasoning, and if you choose a different option, as briefly and logically justify it.


For preschoolers, already familiar with the decisionsimple arithmetic examples, it will be useful to discuss why the number is less than this, and "more" - "less" for clarity, can be present in the form of action with objects, "Five markers, there you two took it, cleaned it became three, it's less ? '.

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