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How to develop logical thinking in children

How to develop logical thinking in children</a>

Sometimes young children reason and behave quite reasonably.

But how much logic do they have in their thoughts and actions? Do we need to develop logical thinking in pre-school children?

Why is it useful and how should this be done?



Of course, it is useful, it is actually necessary, thatThe child at the time of admission to the first class could at least slowly read and understand what was read. Without a close acquaintance with numbers and the ability to add-subtract within ten for the school desk it will also be difficult. But any deficiency in information is much easier to make up for the child, the logical reasoning is logical, and the luggage of knowledge given to the future schoolchild in the family and kindergarten will very soon start missing to successfully overcome the school curriculum. For this reason, along with familiarity with the surrounding world, reading and the basics of mathematics, it is necessary to develop a logical thinking In children.


The first steps in this area should be absolutelyAre imperceptible to the child and bear the nature of conversation or play. Of course, it is necessary to speak, of course, to an adult. "You ate yourself an apple, but watermelon is enough for everyone, he is much more than an apple", "Why is the grass wet? It was raining! That's right, "" Somebody barks in the yard, there's probably someone there? That's right, the dog, "and if the child adds this conclusion to his opinion that the dog is barking at a cat or that a man is walking with a dog, then he has joined your logical game and accepted the rules.


When the child is already fairly confidently doingConclusions, it is necessary to offer him solutions for life situations: "We must go to the store and rain drizzles on the street, what will we do?" Listen to the options, perhaps ridiculous, to praise those where logical reasoning sounds, and if you choose a different option Just briefly and logically justify it.


For a preschooler already familiar with the decisionThe simplest arithmetic examples, it will be useful to discuss why that number is less than this, and "more" - "less" for clarity can be presented in the form of actions with objects, "Five felt-tip pens, here you took away two, got three, it's less ? ».

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