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How to develop logical thinking

How to develop logical thinking

Logical thinking ? the ability to reason and draw conclusions? It can and should be developed in children from an early age.

The ability to think logically, to analyze and draw conclusions useful both in childhood and in adulthood.

The development of logical thinking and imagination leads to the fact that a person begins to think outside the box.

You will need

  • Board games (chess, checkers, dominoes, etc.), a collection of logical and mathematical problems, pen, paper, thematic pictures



Encourage your child to express their opinions,to assess events speculate. By learning to think logically, the child starts to act zhe.Nachnite phrase, and the child let her finish. For example: The car can go, because? ,? In the street heat, because? ,? If you cut your finger, then?


Play chess. This game, which has a history of several thousand years, teaches us not only to develop the logic, but also to develop a strategy to be patient, careful steps to guess the opponent and analyze the current situation on the field.


Buy a collection of interesting tasks. To solve them will be interesting to both adults and children. In addition to the development of logic brainteasers, there are also a tricky task, where the solution that first comes to mind is unlikely to be correct.


Train be logical chain. Ask your kid to draw a circle, square, triangle, and then repeat the sequence of geometric figures several times. Make sure that the baby did not violate the given sequence.


Pay attention to mathematical games and problems. Logic and mathematics are closely linked, having mastered one science, the child will certainly take possession of another. Solving problems on the line, the passage of labyrinths, drawing logical chains also promotes the development of logic.


Ask your child to spread out in a certainfine pictures, which show the action of one and the characters. It can be fragments of a familiar fairy tale kid or just a bunch of stories in which there is a clear logical sequence.

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