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How to develop jumping

How to develop jumping</a>

The development of jumping directly depends on the physical preparation of the person. The more your body is affected by exercise and training, the more tangible the result will be.

Particular attention should be paid to the ankle, as the main force in jumping falls on this part of the body.



To achieve the best result before eachJump do not forget to do a shin massage. Bend and unbend the ankle for 3-5 minutes first with one foot, then the second, alternately performing rotational movements. In exercises, let your feet overcome resistance, for example, hang a small load on the leg. Then find a small round object that is suitable for riding with the help of feet. Try to find the sand and make a few jumps in it.


Do a few jogs every morning.Kilometers, and then exercises for gymnastics. Stretch, stretch your legs, check your body for flexibility. Then perform jumping, without bending your legs, with your hands up. Do this exercise for 5 minutes. Then perform jumps, in which the landing falls on one foot or the other.


Jump, making in a jump of rotation on 180Degrees, not forgetting about the raised hands. Then do the next interesting exercise with your friend. Stand with your back to each other, with your hands, hook your elbows, and start synchronously jumping in the landing, crouching. So you better feel each other, develop the muscles of the lower leg and back, you will have fun while exercising.


More often play basketball, besides, the higher will beHanging basket to throw the ball out, the better. Jumping rope is also welcome. Then on the sand, draw a line, for which you will need to jump, and step back to the meter. Each time jump, slightly increasing the distance.


There are many other ways to develop jumping. Consult with trainers and other experts in this field.

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