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How to develop a fast speech


How to develop a fast speech</a>

Ability to speak quickly, confidently, clearly andIt is essential for many people: managers, to quickly and clearly formulate goals for the team, business people, in order to skilfully negotiate with partners, students of educational institutions for successful study. The skill of fast speech is important for teachers, speakers and representatives of professions related to communication and public speaking.

To develop a fast speech, you need to practice more and perform auxiliary exercises.



Begin a workout for developing speech with performanceArticulatory exercises. Training the speech device will help you achieve a clear pronunciation. If you speak quickly, but if you swallow half the sounds, nobody will understand you. You, most likely, want to achieve not only high speed, but also quality of speech. Therefore, it is not necessary to neglect exercises on articulation.


Stand or sit in front of a mirror, shouldersStraighten and lower, back straight. Pull your lips forward with a tube and stretch them in a wide, open smile. Do the exercise 10 times in average tempo and 10 times in fast.


Slightly extend the lips forward and rotate them around the circle to the right eight times, then to the left. Try to move your lips without cheek.


On inhalation, inflate your cheeks like a balloon. On exhalation, blast them out sharply, exhaling through the mouth and drawing your lips forward. Repeat 8 times.


The lips are closed, the teeth are open. Touch the tip of the tongue against the hard sky near the front teeth and guide the tongue across the sky back, towards the larynx. Do it 10 times. Then within a minute, clatter your tongue, imitating the sound of the clutching hooves of a horse.


After training the articulatory apparatusGo to the pronunciation of tongue twisters. Choose tongue twisters with such a combination of sounds that are given to you the hardest. First, pronounce them slowly, clearly pronouncing each syllable. When you learn the tongue twister and learn the pronunciation, increase the speed of pronunciation. Learn by heart several verses and read them quickly and with an expression.


Replenish your vocabulary and general levelKnowledge. The more arsenal of words you will own, the easier it will be for you to choose the right words for quick speech. A rich storehouse of knowledge will allow you to speak fluently and confidently. Every day, practice in front of a mirror, making a speech on a given topic. Record the speech on the recorder and evaluate the speed and quality of the pronunciation. Mark the errors and try to correct them the next time. With regular classes, you will certainly succeed.

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