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How to develop it fast

How to develop it fast

The ability to speak quickly, confidently, clearly andEssentially you need a lot of people: managers to quickly and clearly formulate goals for the team, business people, to skillfully negotiate with partners, students of educational institutions for success. Skill rapid speech is important for educators, speakers and representatives of professions related to communication and public speaking.

To develop a quick question, you need to practice and perform auxiliary exercises.



Start training for the development of speech to performarticulation exercises. Train vocal apparatus helps you achieve clarity of pronunciation. If you talk fast, but at the same time to swallow half of sounds, then you will not understand. You will likely want to achieve not only high speed but also the quality of speech. Therefore, ignore the exercises for articulation is not necessary.


Stand or sit in front of a mirror, shouldersflatten and lower down, back straight. Pull the lips forward tube and drag them into a wide, open smile. Do this exercise 10 times the average rate, and 10 times faster.


Gently pull the lips forward and rotate them in a circle to the right eight times, then left. Try to move the lips alone, without the participation of the cheeks.


On the inhale cheeks inflate like a balloon. On the exhale rapidly deflate them, exhaling through the mouth and lips pulling forward. Repeat 8 times.


His lips closed, teeth open. Touch the tip of the tongue to the hard palate near the front teeth and lead language across the sky back toward the throat. Do 10 times. Then within a minute clicked his tongue, imitating the sound of horses' hooves clatter.


After training, articulation apparatusmove on to the pronunciation of tongue twisters. Choose patters with this combination of sounds that give you the hardest. Please say it slowly, clearly pronouncing each syllable. When patter learn by heart and learn the pronunciation, increase the speed of pronunciation. Memorize a few verses and read them quickly and with expression.


Enrich your vocabulary and general levelknowledge. The large arsenal of words you possess, the easier it will be to choose the right words for a quick question. A rich storehouse of knowledge will allow you to speak freely and confidently. Train every day in the mirror, uttering speech on a given topic. Record it on tape and evaluate the speed and quality of pronunciation. Note mistakes and try to correct them the next time. When practiced regularly, you are sure to succeed.

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