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How to develop healthy apathy

How to develop healthy apathy

When it comes to healthy pofigizme, once an association with the resource status. Everyone develops their own individual sposobydostizheniya harmonious state.

Against the background of a constant rush and chronic fears healthy apathy becomes necessary quality of modern people.



Calm down and just live. Win anxiety with no experience in self-organization is hardly succeed. Plan not only work but also rest. Problem solving should not be delayed indefinitely. Do things in order of importance. Learn how to organize the work, delegate responsibility and control.


Take something interesting. Begin to sculpt in clay, paint with oil, knit, embroider, make soap. Favorite activity usually drags so much that you can do it twenty-four hours a day. The result of enthralls and gives positive emotions. And most importantly, achieved concentration relates to the background display of the environment.


Learn to respect the choices of others. They are many and all different. Attaching great importance to estimate and actions of other people, often can not see the inclusion in the game "who is smarter." As a result, force spent and there is only one desire to sleep.


Most remain alone. You can walk down the street aimlessly. If this is not possible, just look around and ponder. Spend a day of reflection on the past and events. Do not forget to pamper yourself. Brew a cup of tea. Eat a piece of chocolate or lint. Put some relaxing music or a movie. Buy new clothes.


Play. Your child will be happy to spend time with a parent. Any board game does not require the verbosity with monotonous actions will switch. Suitable and computer game. Relax. Fatigue is easier to prevent than to overcome. Practice to relax in any situation, even at work. Having developed a healthy lifestyle, nihilists try not to stay indifferent to human life. Do not lose courage, and always looking for a way out of this situation.

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