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How to develop creative thinking

How to develop creative thinking

By performing some routine work in the office,or listening to the explanations of the teacher of chemistry, almost without delving into the words lazily creeps thought that someone came up with all this, and you are now tormented. But even to write an explanatory note, you have to include logic and imagination.

That creative thinking helps manyreceive from the most boring work fun and move up the career ladder because their daily tasks the person is able to solve non-standard.



If you decide for yourself that you have nodata and capacity for work, then you are sadly mistaken, because in every child hidden creative abilities, and because you were a kid, too. Children do not know that something can not come out and try to do everything. And the first step to change the perception of the world should be the acceptance of yourself as a creative person.


Try to go for a walk with a camera orvideo camera, find interesting camera angles and take pictures of plants, birds, animals, buildings, people ... And not just add these photos to the album and make photo essays exploring adding them detailed descriptions of their experiences, thoughts, and small openings.


Come with your photos and home,going through them, think about what the fate of this cat, you caught basking in the sun, lay next to the photo butterfly on a flower crouching and imagine that a cat watching a butterfly, add a photo oncoming clouds, and you can imagine the continuation of the story. Or, if you have problems, try to imagine the situation with fantastic characters in the lead roles and try to find a way out.

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