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How to develop creative thinking

How to develop creative thinking

The creative force and creativity distinguish the unusual and bright person of ordinary city dweller who does not try to change his life and does not seek to make it more original.

Some believe that creative thinking - it is a gift from nature, and if you do not have that gift, you are destined for life to be an ordinary man.

This is not so - creativity is developed, and the mainshe depends on your own wishes and desires to take unusual and alternative points of view, to create unusual designs to achieve success in their own creative activities, and most importantly - to release their ideas and fantasies, give them the opportunity to incarnate.



Learn emotional flexibility - trybe less prone to stress and frustration, be cheerful and optimistic. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, be independent in everything - from their work activities and ending with social views.


Always strive to create alternative solutions to problems and issues, rather than using ready-made and familiar patterns of behavior.


If you want to find a creative force, constantlylearning - never stop in the process of creative development and self-improvement. Do not forget about the sense of humor - over-seriousness can hurt your creative force.


When you get the chance, try to break the boundaries of most familiar and well-established norms and standards. Offer non-trivial solutions, create unusual scripts and ideas.


Never bring your hobbies and interests insacrifice some social circumstances - even if you have some obligations to work and family, always find time on a favorite hobby or creative activity. If you like to take pictures, draw and write poetry - be engaged in favorite business.


More fantasize - invent the wildestimages and scripts, plug imagination to everything that you do. Learn to notice the beauty and harmony in everything that surrounds you, and if possible to sketch or write down what you see. Transform ordinary things - for example, if you love to cook, think on the basis of old recipes something of their own.


Listen to music, watch movies, read books - all this contributes to the development of creativity.

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