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How to develop concentration

How to develop concentration

Attention and concentration - these are two important factors that have a profound impact on the process of storing information.

But not everyone can boast that he can for a long time to focus on a particular subject.

There is quite a lot of duplicate exercise on the concentration, but are considered to be the most effective following.



Operating cycles.
Performing a variety of work, save yourattention, dividing the procedure certain cycles. For example, you can use this method in the process of washing dishes. Taking in hand a plate, say to yourself, "Start" and start to wash it, thus giving it as much attention, if you are doing complicated surgery. When finished, place the plate on the dryer, and say "Stop" Statement. Moving on to the next subject, continue to exercise.


Thought breaks.
Put in front of every little thing,for example, an eraser, a coin or a piece of paper. Within five minutes, try to focus on the subject. Once your attention shifts to another thing, gently bring it back. Count how many times over a period of time, your attention has committed such jumps.


Brain impulses.
Take a pencil in hand and prepare a sheetpaper. Then start slowly lead pencil on paper, at the same time focus your attention on the point where the tip of the pencil draws a line. Every time your attention will jump to another subject, draw brain pulse (mark it as a blip on the line). Reaching the end of the paper, start anew. Check out how long you can keep a straight line.


The center of the universe.
When you will have nothing to do, look aroundand select any object, such as a point on the ceiling, the pattern on the wall. Within five minutes, focus your attention on it and forget about the world. Let these five minutes this place will become your center of the universe. Even if you want to be distracted by something else, continue to hold the attention. Only when the exercise is over, shake and take a look around.


If you are reading a boring book and see that yourattention begins to be distracted, try to use the following method: check the box next to where you are distracted. Go back to reading, and walk to the end of the page. Mentally repeat the material that you read. If you can not do this, you need to read the page again. Over time, you will notice that the number of marks has decreased significantly, and your concentration is improved.

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