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How to develop the charisma

It's no secret that everyone is different - someexperiencing persistent difficulties in communicating with others, and others are easily attract attention, they have to imagine the audience and are the soul of the company. The secret of such people in the charism, which allows them to easily lodge themselves in society and to feel in any company at ease.

Charm - a quality that can be purchased, observing certain rules of life.



Think what feelings you have to prevailthe soul, when you find yourself in society. If you feel uncertain, worried about their appearance and how you think about the sides, you will not be able to charm the people around them.


You must be absolutely calm and confident. Do not be afraid of mistakes and shortcomings in behavior - people around precisely also tend to make these mistakes.


Learn to relax and relieving stress - a constant voltage only alienate others. Stay loose and relaxed, be sure that your identity is valuable and unique.


In addition you need to be tactful withother people. The subtle tact allows charming man does not focus on the mistakes of others, to communicate politely and with interest, showing maximum attention to the words of each of his interlocutors. Show your sincere interest in relation to the interlocutor that he was comfortable with you.


Try not to depend on the opinions of others -cease to care about whether someone will like or not. Attractive is only one person who does not think constantly about how to make someone a good impression.


Believe in your own strength, and then you will believeother people. Like someone only when there is self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. Trust yourself and others - showed total tranquility and friendliness that is sure to give your interlocutors.


Do not cheat and do not deceive people. Always say what you think and try to be solid and consistent personality, whose deeds match words and desires.


Be honest, direct and reasonable,accept yourself as you are and accept others for what they really are. This acceptance and this openness will allow you to become a real soul of the company.

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