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How to develop and improve your memory


How to develop and improve your memory</a>

Good memory, organization and success -Logical links of the same chain. In order to achieve high results, and simply in everyday life, it is often necessary to keep a lot of things in mind immediately.

As a result, some of them are forgotten - and it's good if they are insignificant things, after all, it happens that such important events as birthdays, events and simply memorable dates are forgotten.



First of all, pay attention to your diet. It should contain as many products containing whole grains as possible. These are various cereals, flakes, wheat bran, and also bread of rough grinding. Also, make the most of vitamins E - nuts, green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds and brown rice, C - blueberries and black currants and fatty fish, such as salmon and halibut.


The development of memory is a constant exercise that trains the speed and quality of the acquired information. Read on the speed aloud small paragraphs of the text, then retell them to memory. Use exercises with audio files andPictures, depending on what type you belong to - audible, visual or kinesthetic. Also, depending on your type of perception, visualize the necessary information, or imagine the sounds that are associated with it or the sensations that it causes in you.


Daily practice should not end inExercises. Memorize the smallest details. For example, try to remember the numbers of vehicles that you see in the car stream, or the details of your colleagues' clothes. Remember that the more often you practice, the stronger your brain works and, accordingly, the better your memory.

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