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How to develop and improve your memory

How to develop and improve your memory

Good memory, organization and success -logical links of one chain. In order to achieve good results, and just in everyday life, it is often necessary to keep in mind a lot of things at once.

As a result, some of them forgotten - and it is good if it's minor things, it happens that you forget important events such as birthdays, events and a memorable date.



First of all, pay attention to your diet. It should be contained as much as possible products that contain whole grain ingredients. This variety of cereals, corn flakes, wheat bran, and wholemeal bread. Also, the maximum consume vitamin E - nuts, green leafy vegetables, seeds and brown rice, C - blackberries and black currants and fatty fish such as salmon and halibut.


Development of memory - it is constant exercises that train the speed and quality of digestible information. Read aloud speed small paragraphs of text, and then retell them memory. Use exercises with audio files andpictures, depending on what type you concern - auditory, visual or kinesthetic. Also, depending on your type of perception, visualize the information you need or imagine sounds that are associated with it, or the feeling that you have it is.


Daily practice does not end withexercises. Keep track of minute details. For example, try to remember numbers of vehicles that you see in the automotive thread or parts of clothing of your colleagues. Remember that the more you practice, the strengthening of your brain works and, consequently, the better your memory.

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