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How to develop interest in reading


Children's day in the library</a>

Develop children's interest in reading in the power of any loving parent. It's enough to show consistency and have patience so that your child reads with pleasure.

And this, in turn, will be the key to successful schooling.



First and foremost, without which it is impossible to do without -personal example. You yourself should like to read books (not just the news feed on the Internet or blogs), and children should see you quite often with a book in their hands.


When the child is still very small (never startEarly, better from the first week of life), talk to him. Buy a book with nursery rhymes and short verses for children and tell them to your child when you change, feed, carry on your hands. All this is necessary both for the emotional development of the baby, and for the development of speech. If the child has a poor vocabulary by the age of three, reading it will be very difficult, since he simply will not understand what is at stake.


Choose books for children by age (usually inThe book itself indicates for what age it is intended) and read as often as possible. Present this activity to the child as something fascinating: "Now we will have supper, wash the dishes and sit with you to read. I wonder what happened to Thumbelina? " If you promised the child to read, be sure to select the time for this and no more distractions. Let him understand that this is important and interestbut.


When reading books, try to do thisPerhaps artistically: change the voice for different characters a little, pause, observe a "fabulously leisurely" rhythm. Emotionally colored reading helps the child to better perceive speech, and also makes it clear that reading is something unusual and interestNe. After all, mom (or dad) usually does not talk at all.


When the child begins to read independently,Choose well-published books, with quality illustrations. Look, will this book give the child joy, wake up his own imagination? Constantly interestYou have to read what the child is reading, discuss with him the reading.

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