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How to develop an interest in reading

Children's Day at the library

To develop children's interest in reading, the strength of any loving parent. It is enough to be consistent and have patience to let your child be happy to read it.

And this, in turn, will ensure success in school.



First and foremost, without which it can not do -personal example. You yourself must love to read books (not just news feeds or blogs on the Internet), and children should see you often with a book in his hands.


When a child is still very small (never startearly better since the first week of life), talk to him. Buy a book with nursery rhymes and short poems for children and tell them a child, when we change clothes, feed, carry on his hands. All this is necessary for the emotional development of the baby, and for the development of speech. If the child is three years of poor vocabulary, reading it will be very difficult, because it simply will not understand what is at stake.


Choose books for children by age (usuallythe book given to how old she is) and read as often as possible. Imagine a child this activity as something fascinating: "Now we have dinner, mud utensils and sit down with you to read. I wonder what happened to Thumbelina on? ". If the promised child to read, be sure to select the time for this, and nothing else do not be distracted. Let him understand that it is important and interestbut.


When reading the books try to do it asperhaps artistically: slightly change the voice for different characters, pause, observe the "fantastically slow 'rhythm. Emotive reading helps the child more receptive to it, and makes it clear that reading - is something unusual and interesttion. For Mom (or Dad) generally speaking is not so.


When a child begins to read on their own,Choose it well to publish a book with quality illustrations. Look, if this book will give the child the joy, whether it will awaken your own imagination? Constantly interestuytes that the child is reading, discuss with him reading.

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