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How to develop a voice


To be heard and heard, work on your voice</a>

Sharp and unpleasant, velvety and melodic,Whatever the voice is, it always affects the perception of the person. Of course, I want people to like your voice, but not all of them have their voice to the full.

The reason for this lies in the inability to control breathing, the undeveloped ligaments, the tightness of the throat muscles, and sometimes in poor health.



The most important thing on the way to mastering one's own voteOhm? This is the development of respiratory gymnastics. Before you start breathing exercises, go to an otolaryngologist to avoid breathing problems.


Exercises breathing exercises are aimed at the release of formative vote Bodies from excessive load. To do this, you need to learn the lower diaphragmatic breathing. Do the following exercises:


Lie on your back, put one hand on your stomach,Another under the waist. At the expense of three? Take a deep breath through your nose, while sticking out your stomach. Hold your breath in two counts and start to exhale slowly through your mouth, drawing your belly and pronouncing a hissing sound.


Initial position: Standing, the shoulders are unfolded and slightly lowered, the back is straight. Breathe in deeply with your nose, as if drawing in a smell. Exhale slower than breathed, as if blowing on the frozen glass.


Slowly walk, controlling breathing, breathe in 2 steps and exhale too on 2. Over time, exhale gradually increase to 10 steps.


Sit down or stand up. Breathe through the nose with a delay of 2 seconds. Exhale in short portions, counting out loud 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Then repeat the same, after inhaling, talking 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.


Imagine that you are very tired. Relax, but your back should remain straight. It's easy, as if calling for help to someone. A moan should be on the sound? N? Or? M ?, attaching to it vowels:? Mmmm-mmm-mmmu ?. The sound should go freely and monotonously, as though passing on a column, rising upwards and resting on a nose, a teeth, a forehead.


Perform exercises need to smoothly 5-6 times per lesson for 10 minutes every day. Listen to yourself to perform them most effectively. With proper breathing exercises, your vote Will flow freely without tension, it will become more deep, bewitching and strong.

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