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How to develop a voice

To have listened and heard, work on your voice

The sharp and unpleasant, velvety and sweet,however the voice was, it always affects the perception of the person. Of course, it would be desirable to people like your voice, but not all of his own voice to the fullest.

The reason for this lies in the inability to control breathing, underdevelopment of ligaments, muscles squeeze the throat, and sometimes in poor health.



The most important thing on the way to his mastery voteth? is the development of respiratory gymnastics. Before you start exercising control breathing go to the reception to the otolaryngologist to avoid respiratory diseases.


Exercise breathing exercises aimed at the liberation of form vote organs from excessive load. To do this, you must learn to lower diaphragmatic breathing. Perform the following exercises:


Lie on your back, put one hand on his stomach,another under the waist. At the expense of? Three? Inhale deeply through your nose while sticking out his stomach. Hold your breath for two counts and slowly begin to exhale through the mouth, stomach and pulling uttering a hissing sound.


Initial position: standing, shoulders are deployed and a little left out, back straight. Breathe deeply nose as if trying to engage the smell. Exhale should be slower than the inhaled as if blowing on a frozen glass.


Slowly go, controlling the breath, inhale to exhale and step 2 is also on 2. Over time, exhale gradually increase up to 10 steps.


Sit or stand up. Inhale through the nose with a delay of 2 seconds. Exhale short portions, counting aloud, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Then repeat the same after inhalation speaking with 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.


Imagine that you are very tired. Relax, but the back should remain straight. Easy as if calling someone for help Poston. Stone should be sound? N? m ?, or join him vowels? mmmmo-IMMA-mmmu ?. The sound must go free and monotone, as if passing through the pole, getting up and pushing his nose, teeth and forehead.


Perform the exercises you need to gently 5-6 times per session of 10 minutes each day. Listen to yourself to do them most effectively. With proper breathing exercises, your vote will flow freely without stress, it becomes more profound, fascinating and powerful.

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