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How to develop a tolerance for uncertainty

Important in uncertain situations - always show sincerity

Everyone has repeatedly faced with situations of uncertainty in their lives.

It can be as difficult to formulate their thoughts and difficulties in the actions of non-standard at the turn of events.

There are many exercises that can be used for the development of tolerance to uncertainty. The best of these are job using communication technologies.

  1. Exercise "Similarities and differences." This exercise is done in pairs. Both people must find each other on the two similarities and two differences. It can be both character traits and fears, passions, likes. Carrying out such a task it can be seen that the participants may be difficult to find a general with a strange man.
  2. Exercise "compliment". The participants of this exercise sit in a circle. Everyone in turn says a compliment to the person sitting next to. Uncertainty appears when either party can not come up with a suitable compliment, or can not take a compliment addressed to him.
  3. Exercise "Compare yourself." The point of this exercise is that participants have compared their condition at the moment the state of any literary hero. You can also use the comparison with cartoon characters, movies. The participants may have difficulty in finding characters that can talk about their uncertainty in life.

The main recommendation is tobe sincere in any obscure conditions. If you do not know what to do in a particular situation, do not panic and try to just move forward.

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