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How to design status

How to design status

In the current business activity of the organization is necessary to control a sphere.

Develop a position? It means to determine the sequence of actions, the order of the transaction.

The situation as any local regulation, extends to all employees of the organization, regardless of the place of work (business trip, working at the branch office).



Define the specific objectives of creating a local act, on what kind of relationship will distribute its action.


Determine the regulations in force inthis area. The document must be consistent with the law. Regulation does not establish new rules, it clarifies the content of legislative acts with regard to the peculiarities of a particular organization.


The structure of the position is:
- Details of the document: identification of the face, which approved position, Its registration number, an alphanumeric code, the emblem of the organization, the date of adoption and entry into force, the name.
- Directly text which reflects the goals andactivities, establishes clear mechanisms, competence, rights, obligations, responsibility of those persons, who are covered by the document.
- Expiry date, the procedure for its extension, amendment.


Apply for an annex to the document. Here, forms and application forms, block diagrams, tables, rates may be approved.


Attach a sheet alignment and the order of introduction of the document.

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