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How to develop a phenomenal memory and speed

How to develop a phenomenal memory and speed

Bright and unusual mental abilities surprisingand delight people, but few people realize that most of these abilities are the result not of innate gift, and permanent training of the thinking apparatus.

Regularly performing certain exercises and by working on yourself, you will be able to develop a phenomenal memory, and many will be able to quickly develop complex mental construction.

In the world there are many people with a phenomenal memory, and you can be one of them.



In order to develop these skillsfast and high quality memory, you need to follow some rules. First of all, get real pleasure from the environmental information you - your brain is able to remember only those data that are interested in it. Try to develop interest in the greatest possible number of manifestations of the surrounding world.


Be patient - haste will not help youassimilate information. You will need time, relax, and gradually achieve results without seeking instant success. The ability to relax is very important for those who want to reach any mental heights.


Learn to calm down and focus on the essentials. Reduce the amount of stress, stop worrying and begin enjoying your self-confidence.


Be choosy: Determine what you want to remember, but that will not bring you any good, and therefore, does not deserve the effort. Try to choose for memorizing information selectively.


Your physical health - a key aspectmental health. Keep an eye on your health and lead a healthy lifestyle. Get rid of bad habits, eat right, engage sports - it helps to train the brain and strengthen memory.


For memory training regularly make simpleExercise: memorize verses, remember addresses and phone numbers, solve crosswords, puzzles, riddles and puzzles, read books and try to remember the content.

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