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How to develop phenomenal memory and speed


How to develop phenomenal memory and speed</a>

Bright and unusual mental faculties surpriseAnd admire people, but few people realize that most often these abilities are the result of not a congenital gift, but a constant training of the thinking apparatus.

By regularly performing certain exercises and working on yourself, you can develop a phenomenal memory, and also be able to develop complex mental designs faster than many.

In the world there are a lot of people who have a phenomenal memory, and you can be one of them.



In order to develop a similar skillFast and qualitative memorization, you need to follow certain rules. First of all, get real pleasure from the information surrounding you - your brain is able to remember only those data that interested it. Try to develop an interest in as many manifestations of the surrounding world as possible.


Have patience - hurry will not help youLearn information. You need time: relax and gradually achieve the result, not striving for instant success. The ability to relax is very important for those who want to reach any mental heights.


Learn to calm down and focus on the main thing. Reduce the number of stressful situations, stop worrying and gain self-confidence.


Be picky: determine what you want to remember, and what will not bring you any benefit, and therefore, does not deserve the effort spent. Try to choose information for memorization selectively.


Your physical health is a key aspectMental health. Monitor your health and lead a healthy lifestyle. Get rid of bad habits, eat right, play sports - this will help train the brain and strengthen memory.


To train memory regularly make simpleExercises: memorize verses, remember addresses and phones, solve crosswords, puzzles, riddles and puzzles, read books and try to remember their contents.

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