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How to Develop a man generosity

How to develop a man generosity

Greed has always been and remains the mosta large male disadvantage. And even the richest members of the opposite sex are sometimes afraid to spend the extra penny to buy this or that thing, or hike in some place.

Therefore, all the girls are trying to fight the greed of men and forcing them to spend money.

To force a man to spend money, youyou will need: - himself muzhchina- - convincing arguments. Step 1: There are times when a man does not spend money on you because he simply does not know your wishes about what you want: to buy a new dress, go to a restaurant, to visit the exhibition and so on. First, just hint to him that you would like to have, or about a place that would like to visit. Step 2: Try to play in front of his man a small monologue "Financially unsecured", that is, as if by chance tell him that today were in the store, tried on a dress from the new collection even come up on the way to the checkout, where you can put it on ( for example, in a restaurant on the anniversary of your relationship), but got a purse ... and all the plans immediately turned to dust. Step 3: Try to awaken the generosity of a man complaining too quickly running out of money on your phone, often put them not, and yet so eager to call his beloved, hear a native voice, to know how he dela- poor nutrition, constantly rumbling in the abdomen, I want to eat, and will render cheaper semi - do yourself worse. Step 4: If all attempts were in vain, start playing for high stakes: reproach a man that he does not care about you, greedy and saves you. Make him experience shame for his contemptuous attitude to the second half, believe me, after the shame he will experience sharp gusts to generosity in order to make amends and prove you otherwise, and will cease to count every penny and save on all and sundry. Tip: In conversations with her man on a financial theme, try to be unobtrusive, delicate and soft. Caution: Under no circumstances should not Retrieve your lost, demanding money. Do not beg for every ruble, not to create in the eyes of your partner's way of pitiful beggars, even more so - digger. Do not resort to blackmail and ultimatums such as "either you give me the money, or we leave!".

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