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How to develop a creative personality

How to develop a creative personality

Man, creative by nature, different fromothers in that it does not seek to solve, and looking for all the possible solutions, and he will choose, most likely, the worst possible. Unlike other abilities, the tendency to create, if it is present in a person can develop without much effort? human eyes can develop creative song of the slightest rustle.

And how to develop a creative person?



Our thoughts are material. Try repeating to himself: "I - a creative person, I? creative personality! », Believe it really.
If your work is related to the analysis, orcomputing, try to abstract from it, enjoy the pictures of the artists, read poetry, write poetry, patting on the slopes over the spring willow. Creative people are mostly like this world, even if sometimes the way it is.


creative personality development directlydue to the development of the imagination? it was she who creates in the mind of the creative human interesting ideas. In his spare time try to present themselves in an extraordinary situation or make up a story about the surrounding people, and it should not look like this: "Grandma in the blue sweater crossing the road, she goes to meet a young man in sunglasses." Come up with something supernatural, does not like the truth.


Try to imagine, for example, that the grandmother? disguised as an agent that monitors the man to stop, and he, in turn, pasting strange ad at night, which indicated a mysterious address. All those who out of curiosity accessed at this address, disappeared. If your head climb more strange things, do not be afraid of them.


The problem with many people who consider themselves not creative - is the inability to let thoughts fly freely outside the head.
Try reading the works of psychologists and scientists about inspiration. After all, inspiration? it is only 1% of the results, and 99% - is the work and labor.

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