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How to develop a communicative

How to develop the communicative

A well-developed communicative positive effect on our lives.

The man who talks a lot and successfully, by the definition of our society, successful and attractive to other people.

This is the psychology of society, and if you want to succeed and take some place in it, you need to develop communicative.



First of all, develop a sense of humor. The man who knows how to make a joke in a kind way that everybody liked - a rarity. Such people are valuable in any company. No one obliges you to be a fool to order, but to be able to insert a couple of jokes, of course, appropriate to the place and the situation is necessary.


Expand your horizons. Optionally, read the entire Soviet Encyclopedia, but you should be able to speak on various topics, and if they do not speak - then just to maintain a dialogue. Clean the speech from the words-parasites and obscene language, to listen to you, you need to say is pure and clear.


For use as necessary vysheobznachennyhself-confidence. Often, people start to doubt yourself, that their words will be adequately heard and understood, they include internal dialogue - talking to himself. Know how to turn off the internal dialogue - or willpower, or special exercises that you do with yourself - for example, oral presentation of all the thoughts that are in your head. Once you turn off the internal dialogue, you will be much easier to communicate.


Each interlocutor with whom you communicate,look for and find something that you're interested. Absolutely uninteresting people do not exist, each person has some feature that is not characteristic of the other. Seek, find it and show a genuine interest in, and so that people saw it. Listen carefully to the person.

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