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How to develop a sociability


How to develop a sociability</a>

Well-developed sociability has a positive effect on our life.

A person who communicates a lot and successfully, by definition of our society, is successful and attractive to other people.

This is the psychology of society, and if you want to succeed and take a certain place in it, you need to develop sociability.



First of all, develop a sense of humor. A man who knows how to make a good joke so that everyone liked it - a rarity. Such people are very valuable in any company. Nobody obliges you to be a jester on order, but to be able to insert a couple of jokes, of course, appropriate to the situation and the situation, it is simply necessary.


Expand your horizons. It is not necessary to read the entire Soviet encyclopedia, but you must be able to speak on different topics, and if not speak, then precisely maintain a dialogue. Clear your speech of words-parasites and obscene language, so that you are listened to, you need to speak cleanly and clearly.


To apply the above qualities, you needself-confidence. Often people start to doubt themselves, that their words will be adequately heard and understood, they have an internal dialogue - a conversation with oneself. Be able to disable the inner dialogue - either by effort of will, or by special exercises that you will do in private - for example, with an oral presentation of all the thoughts that you have in your head. Once you turn off the internal dialog, it will be much easier for you to communicate.


In every interlocutor with whom you communicate,Search and find something that you are interested. Absolutely uninteresting people do not exist, each person has some kind of feature that is not inherent in others. Look, find it and show sincere interest, and so that a person sees it. Listen carefully to the person.

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