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How to develop a child's perseverance

How to develop a child's perseverance

An important quality that will help the child in school and future adult life, it's perseverance.

Plodding people better remember information, have a more developed thinking and logic, they are more attentive and effective.

To all these qualities were a child, you need to develop perseverance daily.



Once the baby is born, pay attention,on what subjects he often focuses. Help him as much as possible to consider and study the same thing, to find out what functions it has.


In the first drawing lessons with the child Add a small detail to figure the kid that he is developing observation, I found that it has changed its image.


While playing with the children by exampleshows how to perform the task. Involve the whole family to the games, it will help to awaken interest in the kid to fulfill the conditions of the game and develop a child perseverance.


When choosing entertainment, game exercisesbaby, always consider its age features. Any game to teach a child to bring to its logical conclusion. For example, after molding clay figurines clay residues must be removed in a box, scattered parts designer collected in a container for its members, after the occupation of painting brushes should be washed and dirty water poured from the cup.


If your child is doing something very slowly, do not rush it. The most important thing at this stage that he had learned all alone finish.


During the lessons with the child does not communicate with him by fiat tone. Try to express all the tasks in the form of a request.


Do not buy a child is too many toys. A great variety has a negative impact on the ability to concentrate. The smaller toys a child, the more value they represent for him. Among the many toys sold, choose the ones that primarily have a developmental function. If a child has already accumulated a lot of toys, remove the part of the child's access zone and periodically change hoarded toys to those available to the child at any time.


Among the different creative activities that requirefocus kid, help your child choose what he is most like. It will help to develop perseverance as painting and sculpture, and the fascination with applique, embroidery, beading.

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