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How to develop a child's memory

How to develop a child's memory

Advances in the kindergarten, the school in many wayschildren due to the ability to perceive and remember new information. To grow a complete individual, you must develop the correct memory of the child from an early age.

To implement this fairly easy, making classes in the fun gameplay.

How to develop memory in children

You should begin with simple exercises, graduallycomplicating the task. At the first stage in the process you can use your favorite baby toys: bears, birds, cars, etc. First you need to teach your child to identify objects with their names. Then add up all the toys in one place and, to a child, asking him to get some certain. If the baby does everything right, you can move on.

The second stage is used with paintingsimages of animals (you can practice on the game cards). Two or three cards must be expanded up pictures to remember their baby. Then & ndash- flipped face down and ask the child where there is a dog, for example.

Develop memory helps life

To properly develop a child's memory, onelimited exercise is not recommended. Periodically, parents should contact their child with a specific request: bring a comb out of the bathroom, get out of the closet her towel to put on slippers, etc. First, the kid remembers the names of objects and learns to associate them. And, secondly, he recalls that where the apartment is located. After all, surely, he has repeatedly seen all things: you have only to strain the memory and remember where they are.

Cultural Activities

In the training process plays an important roleChild cultural leisure. Parents should periodically visit with a toddler in the circus, visit the puppet theater, going to the amusement park. And in the evening to ask him to share his impressions of the view or walk, talk, and that is why remember that much. Thinking back to past events, the baby develops memory.

Starting to read a story before going to bed, the mother canask: at what point left off yesterday. Thus, checking if it remembered the child heard before. It is advisable to learn with children poetry: an effective way to develop memory.

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