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How to develop a child's desire to read

How to develop a child's desire to read</a>

The love of reading teaches the child to think independently, increases his vocabulary and develops erudition.

Most parents understand that this is necessary, but not everyone knows how to develop a child's desire to read.



If a child read books from the earliestAge, giving this occupation a lot of time, and not doing it periodically, the child will start to be interested in reading, there is a variant to read the fairy tales not to the end, then the kid will quickly want to know how the story ended and gradually get used to reading.


Buy books, focusing not only on your taste, but also on the taste of your baby, consult with him, he will trust you more and agree to read the book chosen by his order.


Well, if in your home a child from childhood will beTo see a large library, to which all the home will be treated, as a special place. All books should be kept in order, it is advisable to develop a habit of taking care of prints in a child, teach him to put volumes on a shelf, allocated for him personally, let him dust himself there, and you can paste the detached pages with him, turning this activity into Game.


How to develop Child Desire to read - this question you must first of all ask yourself. Who like father and mother is an object of imitation Child? If you do not read, and the kid does not see you withBook in his hands, it is unlikely he will listen to your requests to go to the library. Children always imitate their parents, a demonstration of an illustrative example is the best method of attracting children to reading. Think about the future of your child, whether he will expand his knowledge without reading, learn to train attention and memory, and finally, whether he will become an educated person, his future primarily depends on you.


The modern world with the help of computer games andThe Internet lures the immature minds of our children with simple entertainment. To cope with this by virtue of extraordinary personalities, if you wish good to your child, become such a person and your child will pick up a book.

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