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How to develop a child's desire to read

How to develop a child's desire to read

Love of reading teaches a child to think independently, increases vocabulary and develops erudition.

Most parents understand that this is necessary, but not everyone knows how to develop a child's desire to read.



If your child read books from a very earlyage, with this lesson a lot of time, rather than making it periodically, the child himself will be interested in reading, there is an option to read fairy tales do not end up, if the kid wants to learn faster than the story came to an end and gradually gets used to reading.


Buy the book, focusing not only on your taste, but the taste of your baby, consult with him, he will have more trust in you and agree to read the book, selected by his order.


Well, if your home is child childhoodto see a large library, to which all the home will be treated as a special place. All books must be kept in order, it is desirable to develop the baby's habit of care of the print media, and teach him to place small volumes on a shelf dedicated to him personally, let rubs there dust yourself and glue come off the page, you can with it, turning this activity into game.


How to develop a child desire to read - this question you must first of all ask ourselves. Who else but her father and mother is the object of imitation child? If you do not read, and the baby can not see you withbook in his hands, he is unlikely to heed your requests go to the library. Children always imitate their parents, demonstrating a good example is the best method to attract children to reading. Think about the future of his child, whether it will expand its stock of knowledge without reading, to learn whether the train attention and memory, finally, whether there is an educated man, you are in the first place depends on its future.


The modern world with the help of computer games andInternet luring just entertainment immature minds of our children. Cope with it by virtue of an extraordinary personality, if you want good your child become a person and your child will take up a book.

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