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How to develop a charter


How to develop a charter</a>

When a new enterprise, organization, association, etc. is created, in other words, a new legal entity begins its activity - it will almost certainly require a charter.

The Charter is a legal document regulating the basic principles of the functioning of a legal entity.



Develop a plan for the document. The charter of the legal entity should be carefully thought out, it should try to take into account all possible nuances of the continued existence of the legal entity. In the development of this document, special attention should be paid to the relationships with partner organizations, state bodies, and also within the collective of the legal entity.
When drafting a charter, take into accountRequirements of laws and regulations in the field of activities of a legal entity, taking into account the latest changes and updates, the interests of the participants of the organization and its founders, the specific features of the organization.


Develop parts of the document: Preamble, which contains the reasons for the formulation of this charter, details and the name of the company, its purpose and mission, the main part - general provisions about the organization, such as working time, staff, number, reception and dismissal of employees, organization of holidays, interaction with third parties, reorganization And liquidation, etc.


In the statute necessarily reflect information waysFinancing and authorized capital, the order of management and the hierarchical structure, & nbsp-about the inclusion in the organization of new participants and exit from it. If the activity of the organization is aimed at making a profit, it is also necessary to prescribe the order of profit distribution within the organization. In addition, any necessary information from the point of view of the founders can be additionally included in the charter, which does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.


Draft the charter, coordinate with each founder,If there are any differences, draw up a protocol and issue a charter for a general discussion. After reaching a consensus, make changes and again give the signature to the founders.
Register the charter under the first number in the journal of documents.


Developed document in a stitched form file forRegistration in the tax inspection, where he remains on deposit. The organization can get a copy of the registered charter by hand, submitting a corresponding request.

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