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How to develop a charter

How to develop a charter

When you create a new company, organization, association, etc., in other words, begins its activity a new legal entity - it will almost certainly need to charter.

Charter - a legal document that regulates the basic principles of the legal entity.



Develop a plan document. The Charter of the legal entity must be carefully thought out, it should try to consider all possible nuances of the continued existence of the legal entity. In the development of this document should focus on relationships with partner organizations, state institutions, as well as within the team of a legal entity.
In developing the Charter take into accountthe requirements of laws and regulations in the sphere of activity of the legal entity with the latest changes and updates, the interests of members of the organization and its founders, especially the activities of the organization.


Design of the document: preamble which contains the reasons for registration of the statute, the details and the company name, its purpose and mission, the main part - the general provisions on the organization, such as working hours, staff, strength, reception and dismissal of employees, organization of holidays, interaction with third-party companies, reorganization and the elimination and so on.


The statute necessarily reflect information methodsfinancing and the share capital, on the management and hierarchical structure, & nbsp-inclusion of new members into the organization and out of it. If the organization is aimed at making a profit, it is also necessary to prescribe the procedure for distribution of profits within the organization. In addition, the charter can be further introduced any necessary from the point of view of the founders of the information does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.


The draft statute check with each founder,while reserving differences, make a report and take out the charter for public comment. After reaching a consensus, make changes and give back to the signature of the founders.
Register charter by the first number in the journal of documents.


Designed document in the form of cross-linked post forregistration to the tax office, where he remains in storage. The organization can get your hands on a copy of the registered statute by submitting a request.

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