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How to determine why the phone does not see a memory card


How to determine why the phone does not see a memory card</a>

Current smartphones can not be imagined without a memory card.

However, unforeseen circumstances often occur with flash cards. They break, do not open, and the most common problem is that they simply do not see the phones.

All these situations have their own reasons, most of which can be eliminated independently without contacting the service center.

Software failure

If the smartphone does not see the flash card, the first thingYou must restart the phone. There is a possibility that the device does not recognize the memory card due to a software malfunction. In this case, such a simple manipulation will help restore the connection between the phone and the card.

Problem with contacts

If this method has not given any effect, look for it.Possible cause of failure in a retreated contact. You can check this by taking out and inserting a memory card into place. Also phone contacts or flash cards could become oxidized. To clean the contaminants on the connectors, gently rub them with a regular rubber band, then wipe the contacts with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Correcting memory card errors

In the event that the described methods did not help,It is necessary to remove the flash card and check it using the card reader for errors by means of Windows OS. To do this, go to the section "My Computer", in the window that opens, right-click on the memory card drive icon, select the "Properties" item. Next, you need to switch to the "Tools" tab and click "Check Disk". The program will check and restore the damaged areas of the flash drive. This should fix errors in the file system of the card. After that, you need to insert the flash memory into the phone and check its operability.

Formatting a flash card

If this method did not return the map to life,It is necessary to use cardinal measures, such as formatting. Before formatting, copy all the flash data to the computer, because after this operation all information on the card will be lost. To format the flash card with Windows, you need to click the right mouse button on the "My Computer" menu in the "My Computer" menu, select "Formatting" and follow the instructions.

Help of specialists

If none of the above methodsHelped, it is necessary to take the card to the service center. The specialists will find and fix the cause of the malfunction themselves or offer alternative ways to solve the problem.
In order to avoid problems withFlash memory, it should be remembered that the memory card is very sensitive to any physical influences, therefore it requires careful treatment. Also, it is afraid of moisture, direct sunlight and sudden temperature changes. In addition, do not turn off the card during the transfer of information.

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