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How to determine who is calling

How to determine who is calling

Caller ID is a common phone features like mobile and fixed standard.

Any modern cell phone determines the number of an incoming call - is displayed on the display cell or landline number from which the call.



If the owner of a cell phone setcertain melody or beep to the caller, when his call with flashing numbers you hear the melody set. Any cell detects an incoming call, keeping the number of the caller, this allows, if necessary, call on this number if the answer is not immediately possible.


In accordance with the mobile operatorthe possibility of determining telephone numbers, subscribers can activate the service? antiopredeleniya numbers ?, that is, when they call to any number from your cell phone, their number is not displayed and is not defined. This function is subject to a fee and billed monthly payment and a lump sum payment upon connection.


On a standard phone can also be a cityconnect detection function rooms. You can just buy a landline device hardware caller ID and can connect feature - automatic number identification of incoming call to the PBX.


This service is chargeable and subject toa monthly subscription fee. Some carriers offer service Caller? Id, which allows you to determine the provincial and federal phone numbers. This service is provided upon written request.

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