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How to determine if it's worth borrowing?


How to determine if it's worth borrowing?</a>

Many people now have a loan or pay a mortgage, and someone just thinks about it. How does the psychological attitude affect the loan?

And is it possible, on the basis of this attitude, to give recommendations on whether it is worth taking a loan or not?

Psychological attitude to credit is of great importance for the person who took it. However, this applies to almost all aspects of our lives.

Agree, everyone has some definiteAttitude to their credit. Some begin to be burdened by it, perceive how, as something dovleasing, even in something frightening, in general, quite negatively. They can be fully understood, because failure to pay on a loan can lead to sad consequences.

And there are people who belong to the sameThe amount of credit, as to something with which they can quite cope. They relate to it in terms of confidence. Credit seems to them as something that may not be very pleasant, but which can not have any power over them.

Feel the difference in these two psychologicalPositions. Our attitude directly affects the development of the situation. And in the second case, under all other equal conditions (the size of the loan, the level of income, etc.), the loan will be repaid much more easily and quickly.

An unfavorable psychological attitude isDisorganizes, does not allow to act effectively and correctly, and the fear of the situation takes away forces that could be useful for timely actions to resolve a difficult financial situation.

And vice versa, remember when there is a constructive attitude to a case, it itself develops according to a more positive scenario.

Before taking a loan,How much we can feel comfortable when we are forced to give it away. Financiers in this case recommend to schedule monthly payments in the amount of the third part of the monthly income - this is the optimal size. Let's now try to psychologically experience your feelings in the process of payments.

You can identify this with a simple drawing. Imagine that you took the loan you are thinking about and draw yourself and this loan on a blank sheet. You can draw a loan in the form of a symbol or a cloud. It can be either a concrete or an abstract drawing.

And now look at your picture and rate it byHow difficult it is for you to interact with the chosen loan. Is it painted bigger than you? Does it feel heavy or aggressive, is it capable of crushing?

Of course, in some ways this description will be subjective. However, if you answer all these questions with a "yes", then you should think again whether you need to take a loan now.

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