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How to determine whether to take a loan?

How to determine whether to take a loan?

Many people today have a loan or pay the mortgage, and someone just thinking about it. How does the psychological position in relation to the loan?

And whether it is possible on the basis of such an attitude to advise on whether to take credit or not?

Psychological attitude to credit is very important for the person who took it. However, this applies to almost all aspects of our lives.

Agree, all have some definiterelated to its credit. Some are beginning to tire of them perceived as something it poses, even something frightening, in general, quite negatively. They can be understood, because the non-payment of loan can lead to tragic consequences.

And there are people who belong to the same bythe value of the loan, as something with which they may deal. They refer to it in terms of confidence. Credit appears to them as something, perhaps not very pleasant, but they can not have any power over them.

Feel the difference in these two psychologicalpositions. Our attitude has a direct impact on the development of the situation. And in the second case, all other things being equal (loan size, income level, etc.), the loan will be paid off much easier and faster.

Adverse psychological spirit itselfdisorganize itself, does not allow to operate effectively and properly, and fear the situation takes power, which could be useful for timely action to resolve a difficult financial situation.

On the other hand, remember that there is a constructive attitude towards any case, it develops itself on a more positive scenario.

Before taking a loan, it is desirable to assess,how we can feel comfortable while we have to give it away. Financiers in that case recommend to schedule a monthly payment equal to one third of the monthly income - it is the optimal size. Let us now try to psychologically feel your feelings in the process of payment.

It can reveal a simple pattern. Imagine that you have taken the loan, which reflect and draw on a blank sheet itself and the loan. You can draw the loan in the form of a symbol or a cloud. It can be as specific or abstract drawing.

Now look at your picture and vote forhim how hard you interact with the selected loan. Whether he painted larger than yourself? Whether he feels heavy or aggressive, whether able to crush?

Of course, in some ways this description is subjective. However, if you answer all of these questions "yes", you should think again if you need to take out a loan right now.

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