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How to determine if there is a malefice or corruption



Suspicion that on you or someone from yourClose damage is caused, should arise in the presence of some circumstances. If in your life there are too many negative events, you feel irritation for no reason, then most likely you have been jinxed or tried to bring damage.

Do not make sudden conclusions, but try to objectively assess the problem.

Signs of spoilage

The main sign that you have been spoiled -Cardinal mood change, constant irritability, quick temper, aggression to others. A person can laugh and immediately cry. Simultaneously with the disturbance of the psyche, changes occur in the environment. For example, when betrayal, disappointment, quarrels and scandals become permanent guests on your life path.

A black cat is considered a symbol of failure. However, the owners of such pets are never afraid of evil eye or corruption. Animals masterfully drive away all the evil spirit from their owner.

Often, damage or the evil eye is accompanied by a sharpDeterioration of well-being. Frequent colds, heart disease, eyes, dizziness, nausea or a general lethargic state can also become signs of bad influence.

How to determine spoilage or the evil eye

The fact of the presence of evil eye or spoilage can be established.In several ways. Very often you can hear advice - make a gold ornament on the cheek and in the presence of a black band you can be sure that you are spoiled. Darkening of the skin can indicate some diseases, but not about damage. Too trust such a method is not worth it.

To jinx a person can be without malicious intent, so never let yourself praise yourself or your child. About yourself in such moments, say - "take yourself what you want me."

Another popular method is the definition ofSpoilage or evil eye with a raw egg. This option is most effective. Often, damage is induced on a person with the help of these products. Hold the raw egg in the palms of your hands, guide them through your face and body, and then break them. If the mixture has deteriorated, then you are spoiled or the evil eye. A similar method can be used to determine bad influence on another person. Only the procedure must be carried out while he sleeps.

Pin and church candles against spoilage and evil eye

Determine the damage or the evil eye can be with the help ofA regular pin. Pin it on the inside of your clothes and wear a few days. If rust has appeared on the iron, then someone very much wishes you evil.
Be sure to inspect your apartment and tryRemember all those who have been in it recently. The fact is that the most common ways of hiding damage is to throw some objects. Serious fears you should cause old things, earth, salt, dry grass or incomprehensible objects, reminiscent of garbage. If such traces are found, we must immediately get rid of them.
Buy a few candles in the church. Light them, placing them in different corners in the apartment. Light one candle and walk around it with all the rooms. You can read the prayer "Our Father". Watch out for the flames. If it smokes, worries or constantly goes out, there was an ill-wisher in your house. Pay attention to the places of "special danger". It is likely that the thrown objects are there.

It is believed that St. John's wort is a real protector against evil eye or spoilage. Decoctions are recommended to drink as a prophylaxis, and with obvious symptoms of bad influence.


Most people are suspected of havingEvil eye or spoilage, immediately rush to fortune-tellers, clairvoyants or magicians. Do this only if necessary. Go to church, repent of your sins, wish happiness to your friends and even ill-wishers. Light up your apartment and buy a cross. Such methods will be more effective than the probability of getting to a charlatan.

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