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How to determine the volume of an aquarium


How to determine the volume of an aquarium</a>

Guidelines for breeding aquarium fish usually indicate how many liters of water a couple needs.

There are species of fish that in a small vessel will never grow to their normal size.

For some guests, too tight a "house" can in general be disastrous.

Therefore, the volume of the aquarium must be calculated in advance. Know it is necessary and in the event that the fish are sick.

Doses of drugs are also calculated on the volume.

You will need

  • - ruler, tape measure or centimeter tape-
  • - dimensional vessel-
  • - calculator.



Decide how much you need - geometricOr actual. The first is calculated in exactly the same way as the volume of the geometric body of the corresponding shape. Measure the length, width and height of the aquarium and multiply them. For measurements, it is most convenient to use a tape measure or a centimeter tape. This method has several drawbacks. Thus, it is convenient to calculate the parameters of a rectangular or square vessel. But modern aquariums have the most bizarre shape, and this method does not always work. In addition, water is never poured into the aquarium. And in it there are stones and shelters for some fish, and they also take away the volume.


Get a measuring plate. You will need it in the future. It can be a vessel with divisions or even a conventional bucket or a bank, the volume of which you know. A measuring vessel allows you to determine the volume more accurately. Before you plant fish, you will still fill the aquarium with water. In many cases, this must be done several times. For example, when testing self-made aquaria for leaks. But to calculate the volume is more convenient just before the settling of fish, when you have already processed the soil, stones and decor elements.


Place the primer, shelter and surroundings. You can put a mark on one of the walls to which you will pour water. Collect water in a measuring container and gently pour it into the aquarium. Fill your reservoir to the correct mark, remembering how many times you emptied the measuring vessel. Multiply its volume by the number of times. The advantage of this method is that it allows you to accurately calculate the volume of water in a vessel of any shape.

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