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How to determine the volume of the aquarium

How to determine the volume of the aquarium

The guidelines for the breeding of aquarium fish usually indicates how many liters of water is needed for a couple.

There are species of fish, which in a small pot will never grow to their normal size.

For some guests too tight "home" in general can be devastating.

Therefore, the volume of the tank is necessary to calculate in advance. It needs to know if and when sick fish.

Doses of drugs also calculated by volume.

You will need

  • - A ruler, tape measure or centimeter tape-
  • - Dimensional sosud-
  • - Calculator.



Decide how much you need - geometricor factual. The first is calculated in the same way as the amount of the corresponding geometric shape of the body. Measure the length, width and height of the aquarium and multiply them. For measurements it is most convenient to use a tape measure or measuring tape. This method has several disadvantages. So convenient to calculate the parameters of a rectangular or square container. But modern aquariums are the most bizarre form, and this method is not always appropriate. In addition, the edges of the water to the aquarium never poured. And there are stones and shelter for some fish, but they also take up volume.


Get a measuring dishes. You'll need it in the future. This can be a vessel of divisions or even the usual bucket or a bank, the volume of which you know. Measuring vessel to determine the scope more precisely. Before you settle the fish, you will still fill the tank with water. In many cases, this must be done several times. For example, in makeshift aquarium test for leaks. But it is more convenient to calculate the amount directly to the population of fish, when you have already processed the soil, stones and decorative elements.


Place the soil cover and bulky jewelry. Can be applied to mark one of the walls, to which you pour water. Enter the water in the measuring bowl and carefully pour it into the tank. Fill your reservoir to the desired mark, do not forget to count how many times have you emptied the measuring vessel. Multiply the number of its volume again. The advantage of this method is that it allows to accurately calculate the amount of water in a vessel of any shape.

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