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How to determine the version of the BIOS

How to determine the version of the BIOS

To know the version of bios is necessary primarily becausetimely reasons for its renewal, which will optimize the performance of your PC. There are several ways of establishing version bios.

Some of them read on.



Start your personal computer. To determine the BIOS version can read it in the top lines of information that is displayed on the screen at startup. If you do not have time to navigate and read the text you want, restart the computer again. As you'll have guessed, restart the computer to infinity is impossible, therefore, if you can not read fast, do the following.


Look version of BIOS on the motherboardyour PC. To do this, you have to open the system unit. Take a screwdriver and remove the screws that secure the side panel. Remove it.


Carefully inspect the motherboard. Find her name. BIOS version should be listed next to him. By and large this is a primitive method. It is better to run the BIOS and see your site directly there. To do this, press the delete key when the computer starts. Then, using arrows, go to the point of Main, and then System Information. There you will find complete information regarding the bios.


"Start" button in the Go menu. Select "Run". At the command prompt, type msinfo32. Then press enter. There will be a launch tool "System Information". The relevant section you will find all necessary information about the BIOS. Go to "System Information" easy as possible. Navigate to the "Start" button, select "All Programs", then "Accessories" and "System Tools." In the last scroll to "System Information".


Please use the program Everest UltimateEdition. It will provide you with the same information. Run the program, scroll to "System Board." Go to it. In the center window you will find all the information about bios, including the version, the year of manufacture and manufacturer information.

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