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How to determine the BIOS version


How to determine the BIOS version</a>

Know the version of bios you need first of allReasons for its timely update, which will optimize the work of your personal computer. There are several ways to establish the version of bios.

For some of them, read on.



Start up your personal computer. You can determine the version of BIOS by reading it in the top line of information, which is displayed on the screen at startup. If you do not have time to navigate and read the text you need, restart your computer again. As you already guessed, you can not reboot the computer endlessly, so if you can not read quickly, do the following.


Look at the BIOS version on the motherboardYour personal computer. To do this, you have to open the system unit. Take a screwdriver, and unscrew the screws that fix the side panel. Remove it.


Inspect the motherboard carefully. Find its name. Next to it should be a version of BIOS. By and large this is a primitive way. It's better to run the BIOS and look at its version directly there. To do this, press the delete key when the computer boots. Then use the arrows to go to the Main item, and then to System Information. There you will find exhaustive information concerning bios.


Go to the menu of the "Start" button. Choose "Run". At the command prompt, type msinfo32. Then press enter. The "System Information" tool will launch. In the corresponding section you can find all the interesting information about the bios. Go to the "System Information" is easier. Go to the Start menu, select All Programs, then click Accessories and System Tools. In the latter, find the "System Information" item.


Use the program Everest UltimateEdition. It will provide you with similar information. Run the program, find the item "Motherboard". Go into it. In the central window you will find all the information about bios, including version, year of manufacture and manufacturer information.

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