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How to determine the value of property


Determine the value of real estate can only be through specialized enterprises.</a>

If you decide to sell a property, you will need to determine its market value to put up for sale.

It is impossible to do this yourself at the legislative level, so you will have to use the services of appraisers.



Before contacting specializedCompanies that provide valuation services, it is necessary to clarify whether the object you are interested in is real estate, the movement of which is impossible without causing damage to it. This category includes buildings, buildings, land, air and sea vessels, as well as space objects.


To correctly determine the costReal estate, you need to take into account the date of its construction, location, material, technical characteristics, nearby infrastructure and buildings, as well as the presence or absence of arrests and other legislative violations. It is for these parameters that employees of specialized enterprises that evaluate property will be able to calculate the value of real estate.


To evaluate the property you will needProvide an expert company with an application for appropriate work. It will be necessary to attach technical documents to the real estate, as well as papers, confirming your rights to it. To apply, you must be the rightful owner of the property, its owner or the person who was authorized by the owner of the property, in the latter case you will need a power of attorney.


Expert assessor will have to go to the site,Collect all the information you need, take a picture, and then analyze and process the data. After carrying out all the necessary work, the appraiser will compile an evaluation report on the real estate and present it to you.


It should be noted that the list of documents thatMay be needed for property valuation, can vary significantly depending on the type of real estate. A detailed list can be obtained from an expert appraisal company, whose employees will evaluate your property within 10-14 days.

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