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How to determine the value of the property

Determine the value of the property is possible only with the help of specialized enterprises.

If you have decided to sell the property, you will need to determine its market value in order to put up for sale.

Independently make it at the legislative level is not possible, so you have to use the services of appraisers.



Before contacting the specializedcompanies providing assessment services, you must specify whether you are interested in related object to immovable property, movement of which is possible without causing it damage. Under this category are buildings, structures, land, air and sea vessels, as well as space objects.


To correctly determine the value ofreal estate, you will need to take into account the date of its construction, location, material specifications, adjacent infrastructure and development, as well as the presence or absence of arrests and other legal violations. It is for these parameters staff of specialized companies engaged in property assessment, will be able to calculate the value of the property.


To assess the property, you will needto provide expertise in a company statement on the conduct of the relevant works. To him will need to make technical documents for real estate, as well as papers confirming your rights to it. To apply you must be the legal owner of the property by the owner or person who has been authorized by the owner of the property, in which case you will need a power of attorney.


The expert valuer will need to go to the site,collect all the necessary information to him, to conduct photographing, and then analyze and process the data. After conducting all necessary works appraiser will make a report on the evaluation of real estate and will present it to you.


It is worth noting that the list of documentsyou may need to carry out property assessments can vary considerably depending on the type of property. A detailed list you can get to an expert valuation of the company, which employees will appreciate your property within 10-14 days.

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