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How to determine the module of point charges


How to determine the module of point charges</a>

In order to determine the module of point charges of the same value, measure the force of their interaction and the distance between them and make a calculation.

If you want to find the modulus of charge of individual point bodies, bring them into an electric field with a certain intensity and measure the force with which the field acts on these charges.

You will need

  • - Torsion scales-
  • - ruler-
  • - calculator-
  • - Electrostatic field meter.



If there are two equal in magnitude charge,Measure the strength of their interaction with the help of the Tulle Scales of Coulomb, which are also a sensitive dynamometer. After the charges come to equilibrium, and the balance wire compensates for the strength of the electrical interaction, on the scale scale, record the value of this force. Then, using a ruler, caliper, or a special scale on the scales, find the distance between these charges. Consider that unlike charges attract, and the same name repels. Measure the strength in Newtons, and the distance in meters.


Calculate the value of a single point moduleCharge q. For this, divide the force F, with which two charges interact, by a factor of 9 • 10 ^ 9. From the result obtained, extract the square root. Multiply the result by the distance between the charges r, q = r •? (F / 9 • 10 ^ 9). You will get the charge in Coulombs.


If the charges are not the same, then one of them mustTo be known in advance. The force of the interaction of a known and unknown charge and the distance between them are determined with the aid of Toulon's torsion balance. Calculate the unknown charge module. To do this, the interaction force of the charges F, divide by the product of the coefficient 9 • 10 ^ 9 into the modulus of the known charge q0. From the resulting number, extract the square root and multiply the result by the distance between the charges r-q1 = r •? (F / (9 • 10 ^ 9 • q2)).


Determine the modulus of the unknown point charge,Introducing it into the electrostatic field. If its strength at a given point is unknown beforehand, insert a sensor of the electrostatic field meter into it. Tension is measured in volts per meter. Insert a charge with a known intensity and use a sensitive dynamometer to measure the force in Newtons acting on it. Determine the charge modulus by dividing the value of the force F by the electric field strength E- q = F / E.

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