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How to determine the unit point charges

How to determine the unit point charges

In order to determine the unit point charges of equal size, measure the effect of their interaction and the distance between them and make a payment.

If you need to find a separate module of the charge point bodies, make them in an electric field with a certain intensity and measure the force with which the field acts on these charges.

You will need

  • - Torsional vesy-
  • - lineyka-
  • - kalkulyator-
  • - Measuring the electrostatic field.



If there are two identical charging modulemeasure the effect of their interaction by using Coulomb's torsion balance, they are both sensitive dynamometer. After the charges are balanced, weights and wire electrical interaction force compensates for weighing scale value of the lock strength. After that, using a ruler, caliper, or a special scale on the scale get the distance between the charges. Note that unlike charges attract and repel each other with the same name. Strength measure in Newtons and distance in meters.


Calculate the value of the modulus of a pointcharge q. For this force F, page which interact with two charges, divide by a factor of 9 • 10 ^ 9. From the result, remove the square root. Multiply the result by the distance between the charges r, q = r •? (F / 9 • 10 ^ 9). The charge to get the pendant.


If charges are unequal, then one of them mustIt is known in advance. Force interactions of known and unknown charge and the distance between them is determined using torsion balance Coulomb. Calculate module unknown charge. To this effect the interaction of charges F, divide the work at the rate of 10 ^ 9 • 9 per module known charge q0. From the resulting number, remove the square root and multiply the result by the distance between the charges r- q1 = r •? (F / (9 ^ 9 • 10 • q2)).


Determine module unknown point charge,making it in an electrostatic field. If his strength at this point is unknown beforehand, make it a sensor measuring the electrostatic field. Voltage is measured in volts per meter. Make a point with a known tension charge and with a sensitive dynamometer, measure the force in Newtons acting on it. Determine the charge unit by dividing the value of the force F on the electrical field strength E- q = F / E.

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