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How to determine the breed of a tree

How to determine the breed of a tree

Wood is a naturalmaterial of organic origin, which has a whole range of different properties. Qualitative characteristics of wood vary depending on the breed and the different growing conditions.

In order to determine the type of wood, it is sufficient only to carefully study a sample of the material.



The main features to determine the breedis the width of the tree sap, core availability, high degree of visibility of annual rings, the sharpness of the transition from the core to the sapwood, sizes and availability heart-rays, the presence of resin passages, their number and size, as well as vessel diameter timber. Additional features include gloss, color, odor, texture, shape and number of knots.


Such spelodrevesnyh trees like fir,spruce, beech and aspen, the central part of the trunk is markedly different from the peripheral lowest moisture content, but the color is almost impossible to distinguish.


From the width of the annual rings depend on the mechanicalproperties, not only the appearance. The best wood is the one that has the most narrow layers among the conifers. Pine tree with reddish wood and narrow growth rings called Rudova among masters and very much appreciated. Pine with wide rings called myandovoy, but its strength is much lower than the previous.


If you look closely to the endsection of deciduous trees, you will be able to distinguish between dark or bright spots, is the so-called wood vessels. In ash, oak and elm large vessels are arranged in three rows in the area of ​​early wood, forming a dark ring in each annual layer. That is why these types of trees are called vascular ring. They have a strong and heavy wood.


In aspen, birch and linden vessels subtle,very small. These types of trees are called vascular absently. In apple, maple and birch wood solid. And aspen, basswood and alder - soft texture.

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