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How to determine the type of person


How to determine the type of person</a>

Each person belongs to one of two typesPersonality: to introverts or extroverts. Throughout life this psychological type can change, but, nevertheless, a person can not be somewhere in the middle, and be both an introvert and an extrovert at the same time.

How do you determine which type of person you are?



Types of personality are fairly easy to manifest inEveryday life - it is enough to see how a person behaves. Extraverts like communication, they easily find contact with people, they are always in the center of attention. They are unhappy if they are forced to be alone. Extraverts become good leaders, organizers. Not always their desire to stand out is of a positive and benevolent nature. Some extroverts can have fun, causing people pain and instilling fear.


Extraverts are more confident in themselves, theyEmotional and impulsive. For them material benefits, success, comfort in life are important. Often extroverts do not pay enough attention to self-evaluation, the analysis of their actions and actions, as they are too much occupied by external life.


Introverts draw energy within themselves. They are tired by a noisy society, uninvited guests, the rabid rhythm of city life. They love peace, silence, spend time alone. This does not mean that introverts are morose, closed and unsociable. Often they are self-confident. They can have many friends, and they, as well as extroverts, can become the soul of the company, but still their whole inner world is inside, not outside of themselves.


Introverts are also passive. For them to start acting, sometimes a strong push is needed, which will lead them out of the immersion in dreams and thoughts. In problematic cases introverts are very shy, clamped and complexed, then they often envy extroverts, their natural sociability and emancipation. Often introverts are very talented. They write poems or engage in science.


Sometimes a person belonging to the same typePersonality, can behave in any situation as a representative of another psychotype. But this does not mean that the person's psychotype changes day by day. Simply an intelligent person will always be able to adjust to the situation and somewhere to lead himself more restrained, and somewhere to allow himself to be uninhibited. Although the type of personality can change with age, when a person's views on life and on themselves change.

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