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How to determine personality type

How to determine personality type

Each one belongs to one of two types ofPersons: to introverts or extroverts. During the life of this personality type may change, but, nevertheless, a person can not be located somewhere in the middle and be introverted and extroverted at the same time.

How to determine which personality type are you?



Personality types quite easily occur ineveryday life - just to see how a person behaves. Extroverts love to chat, easily find contact with people who are always in the spotlight. They are unhappy when forced to be alone. Extroverts are good leaders, organizers. It is not always their desire to stand out is positive and friendly character. Some extroverts can have fun, hurt people and instilling fear.


Extroverts are more confident in themselves, theyemotional and impulsive. For them, the important wealth, success and comfort in life. Most extroverts do not pay sufficient attention to the self-assessment, analyzing their actions and deeds, as they too take the outer life.


Introverts get their energy within yourself. Their tires noisy society, intruders, frantic pace of city life. They love the quiet, the silence, enjoy spending time alone. This does not mean that introverts are gloomy, closed and uncommunicative. Often they are confident. They may have a lot of friends, and they, as well as extroverts can become the soul of the company, but still all of their inner world is contained within, not outside yourself.


Introverts are and passive. So they started to work, sometimes we need a strong push that will bring them out of the dive in dreams and thoughts. In problematic cases, introverts are very shy, clamped and suffer from complexes, whereas they are often jealous of extroverts, their natural sociability and emancipation. Most introverts are very talented. They write poems or do science.


Sometimes a person belonging to the same typethe person may, in any situation, to behave as a representative of another psycho. But this does not mean that the human psycho-changing day by day. Just smart people are always able to adjust to the situation and somewhere to behave more discreetly, but somewhere afford to be relaxed. Although the type of person can change with age, when a person changes outlook on life and themselves.

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