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How to determine the size of a wheel

How to determine the size of a wheel</a>

The size of the wheel is a very important indicator when choosing tires for a car. Correctly selected rubber helps the car to keep the road well and enhances the safety of traffic.

However, many car enthusiasts simply do not know how to determine the size of a drive and tires.



First, try to determine the width of the wheel. For calculation, you can use the "folk" formula: if the width of the tread car tire covers take 20%, then you get the width of the wheel drive. So, for example, if the rubber you have is 255 mm, then the width of the disc will be 255 mm - 20% = 204 mm. To translate this value into centimeters, divide the resulting number by 10. It will be 20.4 cm. And then divide by 2.54 and get a disk width of 8 inches (in which the values ​​for the wheels are calculated mainly). If you want to put the disc wider or rubberier, then remember that the recommended maximum difference between them is only 15%.


So that you can determine the size of your wheel byAvailable parameters, pay attention to the inscriptions directly on the tire. As a rule, it will specify the size, which is indicated as follows: 6 x 14, 6.5 x 15, etc. Here, the first number indicates the rim width in inches, and the second number is the rim diameter, again in inches. Based on these indicators, you can easily determine the tire size you need to purchase.


Choosing a wheel in size, remember that byThe diameter of the rim of their indicators range from an average of 10 to 23 inches (depending on the type of car). The width of the same rubber profile can vary between 2.3 and 4 inches. The smallest of these indicators are suitable for motorcycles, scooters and scooters, and the largest - for transport more.


Also, if you decide to replace the disc or rubber with aHigher, then remember that in connection with this, several other parameters should change, for example, departure. Its size should decrease with increasing wheel diameter. And it is desirable to do this by the formula: +0.5 inches = minus 6.5 mm from the distance from the axis of symmetry of the wheel to the mounting plane of the attachment of the disk to the hub.

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