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How to determine the ripeness of a watermelon in the garden

How to determine the ripeness of a watermelon in the garden

When choosing a watermelon is necessary to determine its ripeness. From this figure will depend on the taste of watermelon flesh and its safety for the human body.

With beds breaks only ripe watermelon as dospet alone he can not.

The period of ripening watermelon

To get a good harvest of watermelons, it is necessaryin May to take care of seedlings. When the plant came three leaves, it can be transplanted into open ground or greenhouse. This moment usually comes at the end of May or beginning of June. Since that period, you must wait about 60 days. Only after this period, you can determine the ripeness of a watermelon.
Of course, the number of days may varygreater or lesser degree depending on the weather conditions and the Class. If the whole summer was hot, and the first harvest is not long to wait. The size of the fetus is not yet talking about his maturity, so you should learn to identify the maturity of watermelon.

How to determine the ripeness

To determine the ripeness of green berries in the garden canon the peel. When the ripening process begins, it turns from matte to glossy. A good indicator of ripeness are scratches on the watermelon. She remained on the beak of a raven. The birds will not peck unripe watermelon. How they calculate it, it is anyone's guess. To avoid damage to crops by birds, it is necessary to build a scarecrow. To prevent perespevaniya, or vice versa will not break the green watermelon, should pay attention to the stalk. It should be dry.

Dry stalk suggests that watermelon has scored in all nutrients and now matures.

The sound of rapping

You can rotate the watermelon in the garden to look forsmall yellow side that watermelon in contact with the ground. It is an indicator of the maturity of watermelon. Practice and method of tapping. True it is necessary to spend some time in a different time period. During the period of maturation all the watermelon will produce a ringing sound. Therefore, you need to knock on watermelon, and then repeat it a week later and compare the sonority of sound. The ripe watermelon flesh bursts and because of this, the sound will be somewhat muffled.

Green, unripe watermelon also publishes an empty, hollow sound, so you should be especially careful.

At a ripe watermelon rind is bright, with a distinctdesign and very rigid. If one can easily pierce it with a fingernail, then the watermelon should not disrupt, let ripen further. The crust thickens to retain moisture inside the fruit. When ripe watermelon pat it will even slightly springy.
In the middle zone of Russia is very riskyto grow watermelons, because the weather anomaly could result in damage to the crop. But do not be disappointed if the first failure is probably the next time will be able to grow this sweet berry in the region.

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