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How to determine the ripeness of a pumpkin on a bed


How to determine the ripeness of a pumpkin on a bed</a>

Pumpkin is an incredibly valuable dietary product.

Pumpkin fruits are used in cooking forCooking cereals, soups, salads, as well as desserts in the form of pies, mousses, jams, etc. The most delicious and healthy dishes are obtained from a mature pumpkin, so it is very important for your culinary masterpieces to choose exactly these fruits.

To determine the ripeness of a pumpkin, first of allYou need to look at its color: the fact is that when these vegetables mature, they change their color sharply, for example, the green fruits turn bright yellow, bluish-pink-yellow. It is important to consider that the color of mature pumpkins is exceptionally saturated.

When determining the ripeness of pumpkins, you can alsoLook at their skin, touch it with their hands: immature fruits when pressed easily bend, and the peel is so tender that it is easily pierced with a fingernail. The ripeness of the mature pumpkin is matte and has a pattern characteristic of this variety (usually when buying seeds on the label there are photos of ripe fruits with a characteristic pattern). Many varieties of pumpkins when maturing are covered with a touch, which is easily erased when touched.

You can also determine the ripeness of a pumpkin by the sound: ripe vegetables make a sonorous sound when tapping, unripe vegetables - deaf.

In general, most pumpkin varieties ripen in September, so it should be noted that by the end of September the pumpkin is ready for collection.

If all the above signs speak of the ripeness of the fruit, then the last thing that should be paid attention to when determining the ripeness of a pumpkin is the peduncle. In unripe vegetables it is bright and strong.

If you tore a pumpkin and do not know if it ripens orNo, then you can determine its maturity by seeds. To do this, cut the fruit and look at the seeds, try to separate them from the pulp: in a ripe vegetable the seeds are dense and round, they easily separate from the fibers. Remember, the pumpkin has one remarkable property - ripening at home, it is required to let it lie in a cool dry place.

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