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How to determine the ripeness of a pumpkin in the garden

How to determine the ripeness of a pumpkin in the garden

Pumpkin - it's incredibly valuable dietary product.

The fruits of pumpkin are used in cooking forcooking cereals, soups, salads, and desserts in the form of cakes, mousses, jams and so on. d. The most delicious and healthy dishes are obtained from ripe pumpkin, so it is very important for its culinary delights to choose such fruit.

To determine the ripeness pumpkin, primarilyneed to look at its color: the fact that during the maturation of data vegetables drastically change their color, for example, green fruits are bright yellow, bluish - pink and yellow. It is important to bear in mind that the color of ripe pumpkins extremely rich.

In determining the ripeness of pumpkins can also besee their skins, touch her hands: immature fruit when pressed easily bend and peel so tender that easily pierced with a fingernail. Peel ripe pumpkin matte and has a pattern characteristic of the variety (usually purchase seeds on the label has a picture of ripe fruit with a distinctive pattern). Many varieties of pumpkins are covered when ripe bloom, which can easily be erased when touched.

Determine pumpkin ripeness as possible and by the sound of: mature vegetables at rapping emit sonorous sound, unripe - deaf.

Generally, most varieties of pumpkins ripen in September, so it is worth considering that by the end of September, the pumpkin is ready for collection.

If all of the above signs indicate ripeness of the fruit, the last thing you should look for when determining the ripeness of a pumpkin - a stalk. In the unripe fruits it is light and strong.

If you are frustrated and do not know pumpkin, ripe or sheNo, it can determine its maturity on sunflower seeds. To do this, cut fruit and look at the seeds, try to separate them from the pulp: from ripe vegetable seeds dense and rounded, they are easily separated from the fiber. Remember, pumpkin has a remarkable property - to ripen at home, it takes to give her to lie down in a cool, dry place.

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