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How to determine the presence of evil eye or spoilage on a person


How to determine the presence of evil eye or spoilage on a person </a>

Probably, many of us at least once in my life thought that they were corrupt or evil.

They ran to fortune-tellers or sorcerers, if in life a black streak came.

Perhaps they thought that friends or loved ones had a magical effect if they suddenly became irritable or suddenly fell ill.

But this is not always the presence of a negative program. Or maybe just a temporary phenomenon in your life.

First you need to decide on the concepts of corruption and the evil eye

Evil eye - this is the kind of magical effect imposed on a person unconsciously, that is, done not specifically. For example, you strongly envied.

Corruption - this is a kind of magic effect, made specifically with the help of various rituals and carrying a more destructive effect than the evil eye.

Symptoms of spoilage or evil eye on a person

It is possible to distinguish several types of symptoms that are present on a person who has been jinxed.

1. On the part of the physical condition: rapid fatigue, persistent colds, insomnia, allergic reactions that were not there before, dizziness, pressure jumps, skin problems, heart problems. In the worst cases, a person can have cancer or just wither for no apparent reason.

Note that with magic programs, tests and medical examinations are normal. In other cases, it may have no relation to the damage or the evil eye.

2. From the psychological state: irritability, not contentment with life, hysterics without reason, there is no desire to live and do anything, confusion, withdrawal into oneself. Desire to die.

Please note that these symptoms should appear suddenly and for no reason. And not be a consequence of any negative event.

3. A magical effect can lie on your life. You can not always carry on life. For what you would not do, everything does not go well. Constant quarrels in the family from scratch, although before that everything was fine. Women can pursue loneliness in their personal lives. There may also be problems with money.

If the damage is done for something specific, then the black streak persists in one area of ​​life.

How to check if there is spoilage on you or not

If it seems that these symptoms are present in you, then you need to determine exactly whether there is a negative program or not. The best way is, of course, to contact a proven specialist in this field.

Note that a good specialist will not take money ahead for the diagnosis. If money is requested, then perhaps this is a fraud. Be careful!

If there is no possibility to contact a specialist, then you can conduct simple home manipulations.

1. Put on a silver jewelery and do not remove during the day. It should darken.

2. Put in the house a bottle of holy water. It must die very quickly.

3. Acquire the church candle. Light it and hold it in your hands. It must crack and smoke or constantly go out.

4. Buy a pin. Pin to your clothes from the inside and wear a few days. If it began to rust, then you are a malefice or a spoil.

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