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How to determine the presence of the evil eye or damage to person

How to determine the presence of the evil eye or damage to person

Probably many of us at least once in their lives thinking that they damage or the evil eye.

They fled to fortunetellers and sorcerers, if in life there are a black stripe.

Perhaps the thought that your friends or loved ones imposed a magical effect if they suddenly become irritable or suddenly ill.

But it's not always the presence of a negative program. Or maybe just a temporary phenomenon in your life.

First you need to define the concepts of corruption and the evil eye

Evil eye - A kind of magical effect imposed on the person unconsciously, that is not done on purpose. For example, you are very envious.

damage - A kind of magic influence, specially made by a variety of ceremonies and carrying more destructive effect than the evil eye.

Symptoms of damage or the evil eye on the man

There are several kinds of symptoms that are present on the person jinxed.

1. From the physical condition: fatigue, constant colds, insomnia, allergic reactions, which previously did not have, dizziness, pressure drops, skin problems, heart problems. In the worst cases, a person may have cancer or just wasting away for no apparent reason.

Please note that magical program analysis and medical studies are normal. In other cases, it may corrupt the evil eye, or have nothing to do.

2. From the psychological state of irritability, not contentment with life, tantrums for no reason, there is no desire to live and to do anything, confusion, withdrawal. The desire to die.

Please note that these symptoms should appear suddenly and without reason. And do not be a consequence of any adverse events.

3. Magical effects can lie on your life. You can not permanently carry through life. For what would you have taken, things are not going well. Constant quarrels in the family from scratch, although it was previously doing well. Women can pursue loneliness in his personal life. There may also be problems with money.

If damage is done to something specific, then a black band pursues in any one area of ​​life.

How to check if there is damage to you or not

If it seems that these symptoms are present with you, we need to accurately determine whether or not a negative program. The best way is, of course, turn to the proven skill in the art.

Note that a good specialist will not take the money up front for the diagnosis. If the requested amount of money, then maybe it's cheating. Be careful!

If you can not see a specialist, you can spend at home simple manipulations.

1. Put silver jewelery or remove during the day. It should darken.

2. Place the bottle in the house with holy water. It should quickly stuhnut.

3. Purchase a church candle. Light it and hold it in their hands. It should pop and smoke or permanently extinguished.

4. Buy a pin. Pin to your clothing on the inside and wear a few days. If she started to rust, then on you the evil eye or damage.

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