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How to determine the location of the MTS subscriber

How to determine the location of the MTS subscriber

Determine the location of the MTS subscriber is currently able to anyone who is connected to this service provider.

Especially for the subscribers of MTS company offers several different services that allow you to determine the location of the subscriber line with a definite purpose.



Take the operator's main service,allowing to determine the location of the MTS subscriber. It is called the "Locator" and allows you to see on a map of your relatives and friends who are also subscribers of MTS and MegaFon. To activate the service "Locator" should be sent to the short number 6677 message (if you are in the home area, messages sent to the number 6677, will be free of charge), which will contain the name and number you require a person (eg, IRA 89171236547). After that, your friend will receive a message asking you to identify the subscriber location and offer it to confirm. If he gives his consent, you will receive a message, which will contain the coordinates or the address of an exemplary subscriber location. To deactivate the service "Latitude", send OFF to the short number 6677. For example, you remove the list of friends that are available to determine the location. Monthly use of the service will cost you $ 100.


The following services are not only solves the problem ofhow to determine the location of the MTS subscriber, but also helps to know where your children are. It is called "Child Monitor". First you need to register one of the parents, for example, sending a message to the number LENA MA 7788 In return you will receive a code that blows assigned to your family. With it, register other family members.


Proceed to the registration of the child by sendingCHILD message type to the number 7788 thus will need to enter the child's name and the code assigned to your family. To determine the location of your child registered with the service, send a message where the number 7788, you will receive a message indicating the location of each child. Check the location on the number of children as possible by making a request where the children.


As part of the service "A child under the supervision of" MTSIt has introduced a new feature "alert of the movements", with the help of which you can not only determine the location of the subscriber, but also to learn about your baby's movements. To connect the function go to the Members Area on the operator's website and click the "Geo zone". You can create a suitable geographical area, for example, "school", "home", "grandmother", and
establish perfect control mode (for example, from 8 to 15 hours on weekdays).
So you will be able to automatically detect the location and movement of the child in accordance with the selected parameters.


So how to determine the location of the MTS subscriberrequires not only ordinary citizens, but also to different organizations, you can activate the service "Mobile employees". To do this, send the manager MTS list of employees names and phone numbers to connect to a single system. So you can track movement on a mobile phone company.


Determine the location of not only the MTS subscriber,but also the whole company will help the service "MTS search". Send a message to the text where the short number 6677 and specify the location you're seeking. So you can easily find nearby movie theaters, ATMs and restaurants.

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