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How to determine the level of laziness

You like and do not like to sit back, but laziness suddenly attacked on the sly. The shoulders are lowered, thoughts full of discord.

Doing nothing would be desirable, but necessary.

It will need some effort to regain its former vigor.

How much more you are prone to laziness? To determine this, psychologists have developed a simple test. He makes it clear what the sloth, which uses tricks and how much you are obsessed with it at the moment.

The test is simple: stand up straight and pull the hands forward. Squeeze them together and raise thumbs. Now, try to hold out as 10 minutes.

Probably, after 1-2 minutes you too lazy to begin quietly to persuade: "Put your hand. Why do you need it?". If you are retired already at this stage, you head mired in sloth.

If you continue to test and stand still for three minutes,too lazy to become assertive: "Let no one sees you! Discontinued already! "If you lower your hands now, you are in power of laziness, but it is still possible to undermine some effort.

You continue to ignore it. Then she said: "There is nothing wrong with what you put down your hands! You've already proven! Not lazy you are! ". If you give in here, still has a chance to get out of her clutches.

You stand the blow, but you can soonfeel physically lazy - start scabies, something hurts or suddenly appear urgent business, which is equal to delay death. However, if you soak it and, you are beyond laziness.

Bag of tricks at the lack of laziness, and she is well aware of where and how to apply them. Be on the lookout!

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