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How to identify a mink


How to identify a mink</a>

Fur products are often found, which are skillfully forged under the mink.

While it is difficult to recognize a counterfeit. But if you take a good look at the fur, you can certainly say whether it is a mink or not.

The two most common counterfeits? Rabbit and marmot.



Forgery of rabbit fur. Rabbit fur is much softer than mink. If you have never touched a mink before, then you can distinguish it from a rabbit by experience. Walk through the sales outlets selling furs, find the place where rabbit hats are available, and touch the fur. You can go back to the mink fur and compare. Mink product worn ten seasons, and from a rabbit - only two.


Another deception? Marmot fur. The fur coat is notable for its cheapness. Very often it is given out for the fur of a mink. You can distinguish by the height of the hair. In the mink fur has one length, the hairs do not differ from each other, the awn is stiff.

The marmot has different heights of fur, but it's also hard. Spread the fur with your fingers, and if you notice that there is a lot of hair that is shorter than the bulk, do not make a purchase.


This mink. The mink product shines in the sun. If you hold your hand against the coat, it quickly restores its shape. Volosinki as a selection, one to one. At the base of the skin there is no fluffy undercoat. The price is high, but the service life is also long.

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