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How to determine the mink

How to identify a mink

Increasingly across furs that artfully forged under the mink.

Given that counterfeiting is quite difficult to recognize. But if a good look at the fur, you can probably tell, mink or not.

Two of the most common fake? rabbit and woodchuck.



Forgery of rabbit fur. Rabbit fur is much softer than that of the mink. If you have never touched the hole, that distinguish it from the rabbit can be empirically. Walk on the outlets that sell fur, find a place where there are rabbit hats, and touch the fur. You can return to the mink furs and compare. Mink product worn ten seasons, and rabbit - just two.


Another trick? marmot fur. Fur marmot is notable for its cheapness. Very often, it passes for mink. You can distinguish the height of the hair. In mink fur has the same length, hairs do not differ from one another, spine rigid.

In marmot fur of different heights, but too hard. Slide the fur with your fingers, and if you notice that there are hairs are much shorter than the bulk, it is better not to make purchases.


This mink. Mink product shines in the sun. If you run your hand against the grain, she quickly recovers its shape. Hairs as the selection, one to one. At the bottom of the skins is not a fluffy undercoat. The price is high, but also a long service life.

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