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How to determine the ending of a question


How to determine the ending of a question</a>

The ending is an important morpheme in the Russian language, unlike most foreign languages. It is she who connects words with each other, turning them into phrases and sentences.

The ability to put an ending correctly is important for writing and correct speech.



Ending in Russian is available for all partsSpeech, except adverbs and gerunds (which is why they do not change). With the help of the correctly posed question, one can easily determine how an unstressed ending in a particular word should be written.


If you want to determine which end hasAdjective, then the auxiliary word-question "what?" Will help you. By its impact ending it is clear which letter should be written in the verified word. For example: "A good man is difficult not to notice" - ask the question: "a man (what?) Good." The correct ending is "th".


The same applies to participles and ordinal numbers, answering the questions "which? / Which?". For example: "From the outgoing platform" - "platform (what?) Leaving."


Endings are soft and hard. Therefore, sometimes the question and the word being checked may not coincide slightly in the endings. In such cases, look at the meaning. Often interchangeable, for example, "oh-yy-yi", "oh-he", "omu-him", "ym-im", "om-em."


Remember that in the nominative and accusative cases the participles and adjectives in the singular of the masculine gender have the ending "th".


In possessive adjectives (except for IP etc.) and those that are formed from the names of calendar months, there is a soft sign before the end. For example, "fox", "October".


Also the correctly asked question helpsDetermine the ending of nouns and verbs. Answering the questions "who ?, what?" (For nouns) and "what to do ?, what to do?" (For verbs), you get the initial form of the word, by which you need to determine how to write the ending in the word correctly.

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