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How to determine in dynamics plus

How to determine in dynamics plus</a>

If there are several speakers, they sound better when connected in the same polarity.

But the corresponding marking on their terminals is not always there.

Then you will have to determine the polarity yourself.

You will need

  • - Finger battery-
  • - wire-
  • - a pencil-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - a flashlight or table lamp-
  • - soldering iron.



Before checking the polarity, the speaker must beDisconnect it from the amplifier. To do this, first unplug the amplifier itself. Then, if there are detachable connections between the speaker and the speaker, use them to disconnect. If there are none, the loudspeaker will have to be decoupled for a while, having previously recorded what wires went where.


Check if the diffuser is clearly visibleThrough a lattice or fabric covering it. Try to illuminate it with a flashlight or a table lamp - suddenly, after that it will become better visible? If this does not work, you will have to open the diffuser in one way or another. Sometimes it's easier to remove the grille, and sometimes - the dynamic head itself on the reverse side. The main thing is to choose the way in which the column will not be damaged, and you can then collect everything back.


Now you can proceed to determine the polarity. Briefly connect a finger battery to the speaker. The diffuser either retracts or extends outward. If it was retracted, the battery was connected in the wrong polarity, and if it was pulled out - in the correct one. Now, with a pencil, mark the correct polarity around the speaker terminals, that is, the position of the "plus" and "minus" at which the diffuser is pushed out.


If you check the polarity of the speakers for youOften, you can make a convenient device for this, placing the battery in the holder, and soldering the leads to the wires. In this case, in series with one of the probes, turn on the fuse for 0.1 A in case the probes suddenly close during transport. When you do not use the device, pull the battery out of the holder and place it in an insulating case. It is good to take the wires in different colors, for example, black - "minus", red - "plus".


Remove the battery and wires, assembleAcoustic system back. In this case, connect all the speakers to the amplifier in the same polarity. If the amplifier is stereo, then in the same polarity, both columns must be connected. Check how they sound now compared to what was before.

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