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As defined in the dynamics plus

How to determine the dynamics plus

If several speakers, they sound better when connected to the same polarity.

But the corresponding markings on the terminals have not always.

Then determine the polarity may have to.

You will need

  • - Finger batareyka-
  • - wires-
  • - karandash-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - Flashlight or desktop lampa-
  • - Soldering iron.



Before checking the polarity of the speaker is required todisconnect it from the amplifier. To do this, first turn off the amplifier itself. Then, if between him and speaker are plug-in connections, to disable it, use them. If there are none, the speaker will have to temporarily unsolder, pre-recorded, which wires go where.


Check if the diffuser is well visiblethrough the bars or cloth covering it. Try to deal with it in a flashlight or desk lamp - suddenly it then becomes easier to see? If it does not, and it will have to in some way provide access to the diffuser. Sometimes it is easier to remove the grille, and sometimes - very dynamic head from the back side. The main thing - to choose the way in which the column will not be damaged, and you can then assemble it all back.


Now you can proceed to the definition of polarity. Briefly connect the speaker wires penlight batteries. Diffuser either retracted or eject. If he was involved, the battery has been connected in the wrong direction, and if moved - to the right. Now quite a pencil mark around the speaker output the correct polarity, ie the position of the "plus" and "minus", in which the cone is pushed.


If you check the polarity of the speakeryou often can make up for this convenient device, placing the battery in the holder, and the wires soldered probes. In this case, consistent with one of the probes enable fuse 0,1 A in case probes suddenly closed when transporting. When you are not using the device, pull out the battery from the holder and place it in an insulating sheath. Wires take well colored, for example, Black - "minus" red - "plus".


Remove the battery and wires, collectspeaker back. All speakers at the same time connect to an amplifier in the same polarity. If the amplifier is stereo, the same polarity must be added and the two speakers. Check out how they will sound is now compared to what it was previously.

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