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How to determine the degree measure of the arc

How is the degree measure of the arc

Each corner has its own value-degree.

This is known even to schoolchildren from elementary grades.

But soon the concept of degree arc measure appears in the curriculum, and new tasks require the ability to correctly calculate it.



Doug - is part of a circle included betweentwo points lying on this circle. Any arc can be expressed in terms of numerical values. Its main characteristic is the long par value of the degree measure.


Degree arc measure as anglemeasured in degrees themselves, of which 360, or in short, which in turn are divided into 60 seconds. The letter indicated by the arc, which resembles the lower part of the circle and the letters: two uppercase (AB) or a lowercase (a).


But allocating one arcspontaneously formed another. Therefore, in order to clearly understand what kind of arc of question mark on a selected arc another point, for example, C. Then the symbol takes the form of ABC.


The segment, which is formed by two points that limit the arc is a chord.


Degree arc measure can be found through the valueinscribed angle which, having vertex point on the circle itself, based on this arc. This angle is called in mathematics inscribed, and its degree is equal to half the measure of the arc on which it relies.


Also, there is a central angle of the circle. It also rests on the unknown arc, and its vertex is not already on the circumference and at the center. And its numerical value is not half measures degree arc, and its integer value.


By understanding how the arc is calculated by based onangle it can apply the law in the opposite direction and withdraw the rule that the inscribed angle which rests on the diameter is straightforward. Since the diameter of a circle divided into two equal parts, so that any value of the arcs is 180 degrees. Consequently, an inscribed angle is 90 degrees.


Also, the search method based on the values ​​degree arc generally true that the angles, based on a single arc, are of equal importance.


Value measures degree arc is often used to calculate the length or circumference of the arc itself. To do this, use the formula L =? * R *? / 180.

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