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How to determine how much revenue we allow ourselves to get?

How to determine how much revenue we allow ourselves to get?

Why is difficult to raise the level of their income?

How to avoid it?

I suppose that almost every one of us is faced witha situation where, in certain periods of life, the level of our earnings could rise above any - that a certain point. We are changing the job, looking for part-time work, take the extra load and as a result we have a well-defined amount with minor fluctuations. Familiar situation? Let us try to understand the reasons.

Despite our conscious desireearn more, there is always a kind of unconscious permission to yourself to have a certain amount of money. Whence comes this permission? Typically, the parent family. The child gets used to the level of life, who were his parents, and continues by inertia play it already in your life.

Therefore, most often, the person is quite difficult to radically change the material standard of living compared to the quality of life of his parents. Although, of course, there are exceptions.

Also, our internal resolution for possessiona certain level of material wealth may be socially conditioned. For example, the widespread opinion that teachers earn a little, earn a lot of bankers, etc. And if people consider themselves to specific professional community, it can automatically put yourself financially bar.

Certainly, there is still a cause of the unconscious whether you want to attract money into your life.

Now I propose to explore your bar - the level of income that you allow yourself to have a month and above which "jump" does not work.

To do this, write on a piece of paper a few numbers. This will be the amount that you will submit today a monthly income. Write several amounts that you are now getting a month, a little less than one and a half times as much as twice as much, etc.

And now we shall do little exercise. Visualize turns what you get in a month the amount of list and carefully observe your feelings. Start with the smallest amount, do not rush. Tune in to how you feel, how it is comfortable or uncomfortable. Do you feel any sensations in the body, can be amplified heartbeat, or experience other sensations. For every amount spent no more than 3-5 minutes and proceed to the next. Living with a sense of submission of income levels, somewhere you feel very comfortable, somewhere uncomfortable. your job is to catch the amount that is delivered to you pleasant, relaxing.

If at any point you feel that therepresented an increase of income per month there will stress and anxiety - this would mean that even this level of income, chances are you will not be able to admit in their lives. This means that the previous amount will just be the same level of income that you let yourself be.

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