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How to determine the degrees in alcohol

How to determine the degrees in alcohol

As practice shows, not only amateur winemakers are trying to determine the degree of fermented beverage.

Often even bought in good spirits store information from the label does not correspond to reality, and therefore the question of the fortress remains open.

The basis of strong alcohol - ethanol - isinitially clear liquid with a characteristic alcoholic odor, evaporates very quickly and burns. alcohol content level is accepted in common parlance called the degree of alcoholic beverages, the higher the degree, the stronger the drink.

Ethyl alcohol - the basis for inexpensive blends and solvent, it is often used in the pharmaceutical industry, extracts from it are resistant.

Tabular measurement system

Determine the amount of alcohol in the composition of the liquidSpecial tables, the first of which were developed by scientists DI Mendeleev. To determine alcohol fortress today used GOST standard by which a solution of a fortress - a percentage of the amount of alcohol in the mixture at a normal temperature of 20 ° C.
Now in order to determine the amount of alcohol in the solution, the metric system is used, where the unit is accounting for the whole alcohol liter volume at normal temperature.


To determine the alcohol concentration is usedspecial glass meter, hydrometer with internal scale, having a hundred divisions, called alcoholometer. Each of the divisions located on its scale, shows the volume percent alcohol in the mixture. The zero mark on it indicates that the water is completely clean, and the mark of 100, which is a mixture of pure alcohol.
Such a process requires precise approach in its conduct is necessary to correctly position the cylinder to track the position of the line.

Measuring hydrometer

To measure using alcohol Fortressalcoholometer must first rinse tank. Typically, measurements take a graduated cylinder or beaker. Alcoholmeters as packaging must be clean and dry.
Further, the container is filled with the mixture for lateranalysis, it needs special shake stirrer which during manipulation should not go out of the liquid. The stirrer can be purchased separately from alcoholmeters, although in most cases they represent a set.

If the determination was carried out correctly and at the required temperature, alcoholmeters give the correct result of the concentration of ethanol in the solution.

After that, put alcoholometer, a column with a measuring scale which shall be immersed in up to a third liquid in a container of alcohol.
Evaluates the performance after 5-7 minutes, the watch should be on the ellipse of the meniscus, which, tapering forms a line projected onto the scale alcoholmeters.

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