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DETERMINATION vector marriages

Definition of vector marriages

What is a vector marriages.

Who can become a partner in such a relationship. When such a union and may occur under any circumstances.

For what fate gives these tests.

How would any man treated predictionsfate, and various magical practices astrology, it is not immune from the effects of external forces and unusual events in their lives. That's the concept of the vector marriage is so inexplicable phenomenon, which may or may not believe, but once in it, you are sucked into the cycle of events of which it will be difficult to get out.

If you pay attention, the man takes hispotential mainly in relationships with others, but social media can not afford to open up individual abilities. The study of human relationships does not only psychology but also astrology. It is because the concept of astrology went vector marriage, that she said this intricate phenomenon.

Vector marriage - An alliance of the two representatives of the eastern horoscope, which is chaotic and emotional, indefinable relationships.

This marriage is a pair of the type "master- A servant. " Such a relationship is very rapid, emotional and destructive personality. In this union "boss" takes the leading role, giving his character traits such as: authoritativeness, rigor and cruelty. It takes away from the partner a lot of energy and effort. "Servant" is in this union has a secondary role and all that it remains is to obey. Sometimes he becomes moody and childish, is not capable of without the "host" and the start step. In this case, these relations are stored for years. Predict the development of the marriage is not possible and it is impossible to know when it will end. But he finished, he will squeeze all the juice out of the two, turning their internal foundations and others have done.

Vector communications

The first representative of the eastern horoscope is a "master" and the other "servant." All of them form a vector ring.

Monkey Krysa-



Tiger Koza-


Dog Byk-


Côte Petuh-





Ability to save the vector marriage

The most common data marriages break up, but you can save them. This will require a lot of patience and effort. Each of the partners must understand their role and learn to live with it.

"Servant" is to forget about their selfish "I" andtake the "owner", as the principal in the relationship. The "boss" at this time is to take full responsibility for what is going on. In this case, you can build a long-lasting harmonious relationship.

Children born in such marriages, often creative people, but chaotic and uncontrollable as the marriage itself.

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