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DEFINITION OF Vector Marriages


Definition of vector marriages</a>

What is vector marriages.

Who can become a partner in such relationships. When and under what conditions such an alliance may occur.

For what fate gives these tests.

No matter how a person relates to predictionsFate, various magical practices and astrology, he is not immune from the effects of external forces and unusual phenomena in his life. That's the concept of vector marriage is such an inexplicable phenomenon, in which you can believe or not believe, but if you fall into it, you will be dragged into a cycle of events, from which it will be difficult to get out.

If you pay attention, a person shows hisPotential mainly in relationships with others, but at the same time the social environment can not allow to reveal to the abilities of the individual. The study of human relations is not only about psychology, but also about astrology. It was from astrology that the notion of vector marriage went, it was she who explained this confusing phenomenon.

Vector Marriage Is a union of two representatives of the eastern horoscope, which is a chaotic and emotional, indefinable relationship.

This marriage is a "master"- servant ». Such a relationship is very rapid, emotional and destructive personality. In this alliance, the "master" takes the leading role, which gives his character such characteristics as: imperiousness, exactingness, cruelty. It takes away from the partner a lot of energy and strength. "Servant" in this union has a secondary role and all that is left for him is to obey. Sometimes he becomes, capricious and infantile, unable to join without a "master" step. In this case, these relationships last for years. To foresee the development of marriage is impossible and it is impossible to understand when it will end. But when he has finished, he will squeeze out of all the juices, turning their inner foundations and making them different.

Vector connection

The first representative of the eastern horoscope is the "master" and the second "servant". They all form a vector ring.



Goat the Snake-



The Bull-




Wild boar Dragon-



Ability to save vector rejection

Most often these marriages break up, but there is a possibility of their preservation. This requires a lot of patience and effort. Each of the partners must realize their role and learn to live with it.

"Servant" must forget about his selfish "I" andAccept the "master" as the main thing in the relationship. "Master" at this time should take full responsibility for what is happening to himself. In this case, you can build a long-lasting harmonious relationship.

Children born in such marriages are very often creative people, but chaotic and uncontrollable, like this marriage itself.

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