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Is it harmful to detergents for health

Harmful detergents

Each time you visit the store household chemicals, many overlook the stores more and more money.

Fans of the novelties do not think about their dangers, just buy for the house such means.

Many probably know or have heard, that anydetergent contributes to the destruction of the upper layer of the epidermis, so that harmful substances easily penetrate the human skin, and provoke different types of diseases.
An interesting fact that every tenth part implemented in the store, it is considered a forgery, which is not easy to recognize.
In many of these tools is chlorine, which can cause various diseases, even malignancy.

Harmful phosphates

Phosphates, which are also sufficient in moderndetergents commonly used in washing powders (however, not only in them). Damage of these substances is their properties of fertilizers. Once in the river or lake, phosphates contribute to a sharp increase in algae growth. Because this pattern is observed when the "water bloom". Developing algae secrete dangerous toxins which cause poisoning. Water human consumption, which contains phosphates, can lead to not nurturing pregnancy, decline. Duration of human existence, increased morbidity, congenital childhood pathologies.

The use of detergents without a glove causes redness of hands, sometimes leading to eczema.

Doctors claim that the use of household chemicals without gloves is capable and does lead to cancer risk.
Annually inside man because of harmful fumessubstances from household chemical gets almost half a liter of active substances harmful content. Therefore it is necessary to pour detergent liquid is not on the dishes, and a sponge.

oil Components

Many components present in the oil household detergents. Oil distillers are full of polishing. They are harmful to health.

Detergents used for plumbing, contain substances that may fall through evaporation in the blood. indoor air is often dirtier than the streets.

It is better to wash the dishes with the addition of soda, mustard,washing soda to produce a mixture with a small soap chips, clean the glass with a solution of ammonium chloride. These "antiquated" methods can protect against damage caused by household cleaning products.
There is a lot of information on how to use natural resources. They save time, have a high efficiency, not yielding to the purchased assets.
Human health depends on its self-selection.

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