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How to find a webcam


How to find a webcam</a>

The concept of a webcam is not limitedAn exceptionally small device installed in your laptop or stand alone on the top of the monitor that you use to communicate on Skype. Webcams (also called "live") are scattered in large numbers through the streets of the whole world.

With their help, without getting up from your chair, you can at any moment find yourself in almost any place on the globe.

How to detect and use them?



Do not waste your time on squeaking these cameras withUsing well-known and all-time favorite search programs. It takes too much time, and perhaps a positive result will not be achieved. Go to the site: www.earthcam.com. You can assume that half the case is already done. Finding a webcam anywhere is now much easier.


Be also prepared for the fact that some sites,Providing for the use of web cameras, may require the download of additional software, which is necessary for correct operation. It can be QuickTime, Silverlight, Flash, etc. In order to be able to use as many cameras as possible, install all these plug-ins. Superfluous they will not and do not consume much system resources. To find the webcam, enter the name of the country and city on the above specialized search resource in the search bar.


Review the list of provided cameras. It should be quite full, covering many areas of the city. Also in the list are examples of images from a particular camera - pictures taken at the moment. Choose a webcam, the image of which is updated most often. Also, when choosing a camera, pay attention to the line of its rating and where it is located. There are cameras that are available for viewing and from mobile phones. Very handy if you do not have a computer at hand.


After selecting the camera, click on it. You will be transferred to a third-party site. In case this site no longer works, use the link Report broken link.


Update the page yourselfWhen choosing a webcam. It often happens that the image comes from the camera often enough, and on the site itself it is static due to the fact that this sector for some reason is not updated. Important. Do not refresh the page too often, otherwise your actions may be perceived by the server as an attack attempt. See the schedule of the cameras, which can also be found on the site. Perhaps you are trying to use them during off hours.

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