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Dessert Lebanese Nights


EL-Leil EL-Lubannia from the Arabic languageTranslated as "Lebanese nights". The main components of this dessert are semolina and cream. In Eastern countries, desserts made from semolina are often prepared. Flour is absent from the Lebanese Nights delicacy.

Dessert Lebanese Nights

You will need

  • - 3 cups of water
  • - 3 cups of milk
  • - 150 g of semolina
  • - pistachios
  • - honey
  • - 400 ml cream
  • - 4 drops of orange oil



Mix semolina and 4 drops of orange oil. All mix well and see that there are no lumps.


Put on a small fire, stirring, give a boil. It should form porridge.


Add 150 ml of cream, stir everything and transfer to a glass mold. Smooth over the surface and leave to cool for 15-20 minutes.


Whisk 250 ml of whipped cream and put on top of semolina. Sprinkle with chopped pistachios and put in a cold place for about 2-4 hours.


Cut into portions and pour honey over the top. Honey will give the dessert a sweet taste.

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