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How to design a kitchen

When designing a kitchen, based on ergonomics and safety rules

If man is the main work area of ​​his office or shop, then a woman is uniquely kitchen.

And as it is a work area, kitchen should be fully functional, comfortable and beautiful. You have the opportunity to change the situation in the kitchen?

Then try to plan in advance where it will conclude outlets, you will install the hood, where the stove, refrigerator, sink.

Most places in the kitchen took a kitchen set, the choice of which must take into account a lot of nuances.



Before you go to the store and spend money,sit down and think over plan kitchen. First, measure the room. Most of the manufacturers of kitchen sets offers gager. He will remove the measurement, and then according to him will create a custom design of your kitchen.


If you do not want to pay for this service, youremove sizes independently. Measure the distance from wall to wall at 10 cm from the floor, and then the same distance at a level countertop (90 cm from the floor) and at the height of hanging cabinets (2 m). You also need to measure the length of the walls at the same distances (10, 90, 200cm) Remove the distance between the gas pipe and the wall. Another series of measurements need to be made from the floor to vent, to the ceiling, window sill, windows. Then figure out what size will have to be all the cabinets, shelves and drawers. Calculated taking into account the real needs of your family. All these dimensions you will need to bring to the manufacturer or the seller, and you pick the right size for the technique.


As for the layout, there are severalrules to make it ergonomic. There are three main zones in the kitchen area for heat treatment of food products for storage area and an area for cooking and washing. This so-called work triangle. The distance from the sink to the stove must not be more than 90 cm, and between the sink and the refrigerator no more than 2 m. On the whole the work area should be located in the range of 3-6 m.


Another necessary condition? this is the correct placement of the plate. It must defend from the window at least 0.5 m, but if there are curtains on the window, then at least a meter.


The height of the worktop unit, cooker, sink, ideally,should be below the elbow to 10-12cm. Location may kitchen furniture in the linear form. If the kitchen is small, then this option is optimal. In this case, the headset is in the middle of washing, a refrigerator and a plate at the edges. In this case the cooking zone is located between the stove and sink. And on the wall over the entire working area hanging shelves and cabinets.


If the kitchen is spacious, or is connected to the living room,the possible location of the island, when the sink and stove are carried in the middle of the room. Often when planning a tabletop combined with a bar.


Corner location headset option is optimalfor the standard square 9-10m2 cuisine. If the three free walls, the suite has a U-shaped manner. In this case it is possible to arrange work areas on three sides of the kitchen.

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